The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

California, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 36.778261, Longitude: -119.4179324


Greetings from California
Greetings from California
State flower: California poppy

President Roosevelt and party, Inspiration Point, Yosemite Valley, California


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barkman, Elizabeth A.  25 Apr 1872California, USA I7806
2 Barrie, Ethel I.  13 Sep 1904California, USA I8825
3 Barrie, James Harrison  7 Jun 1876California, USA I7821
4 Bryden, Alice Ann  8 Oct 1913California, USA I6431
5 Bryden, Edmund J.  1906California, USA I6406
6 Bryden, Edna Earl  24 Oct 1880California, USA I10367
7 Bryden, Florence Mary  25 Mar 1901California, USA I9988
8 Bryden, Lillian May  13 May 1874California, USA I7833
9 Bryden, Mary  1869California, USA I7832
10 Bryden, Nina  1878California, USA I7834
11 Bryden, Olive M.  Dec 1863California, USA I7841
12 Brydon, Gloria M.  21 Aug 1936California, USA I21746
13 Brydon, Robert Anderson  30 Dec 1895California, USA I21721
14 Carter, Emma Frances  16 Aug 1881California, USA I11258
15 Carvalho, Cecilia Rose  6 Feb 1901California, USA I22531
16 Clawson, Amanda Allene  23 Mar 1893California, USA I5959
17 Cron, Albert Lewis  Jul 1866California, USA I6588
18 Danby, Georgia M.  19 Oct 1876California, USA I7755
19 Eichenhofer, Shirley Edith  26 Aug 1918California, USA I9998
20 Gerry, Ruth Janice  28 Dec 1906California, USA I12616
21 Gerry, William O.  15 Oct 1897California, USA I12615
22 Higgins, William Franklin  16 May 1874California, USA I16922
23 Hogan, Mabel F.  1887California, USA I18557
24 Keller, Harlan Howard  13 Feb 1908California, USA I9991
25 Manseau, Annie Elizabeth  10 Mar 1863California, USA I9781
26 Manseau, Charles C.  1865California, USA I9782
27 Manseau, Daniel N.  15 Feb 1872California, USA I9734
28 Manseau, Marion V.  20 Jun 1867California, USA I9778
29 Manseau, Robert L.  27 Aug 1870California, USA I990
30 Murphy, Leander Byrd  May 1878California, USA I10368

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryden, James Eugene  20 Jan 1880California, USA I7747
2 Brydone-Jack, Francis William  13 Apr 2007California, USA I8761
3 Cachran, Demarius Kathleen  26 May 1900California, USA I10371
4 Davenport, William C.  1917California, USA I9930
5 Day, Georgianna  11 Jan 1932California, USA I4906
6 Horn, Georgiana Mima  8 Jun 1939California, USA I1604
7 Hunt, Norman L.  1938California, USA I8675
8 Macdonald, George Ranald Edward D. D.  6 Oct 1934California, USA I7261
9 Mears, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1916California, USA I2558
10 Paddison, Edith A.  23 Nov 1909California, USA I8193
11 Piatt, Noah Noble  19 May 1903California, USA I12708
12 Rendell, Arthur Stephen  18 Feb 1932California, USA I9911
13 Stabb, Christine Mathilda Lilla  21 Sep 1938California, USA I9912
14 Wylie, Mae  18 Apr 1963California, USA I978

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Frederick Kuster  1942California, USA I7765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Brydon, James Scott  1924California, USA I2312
2 Brydon, Jessie Muriel  1938California, USA I69
3 Brydon, Katherine  1937California, USA I1513
4 McMichael, Ethelwyn St. Clair  1927California, USA I2660


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Albert Lawrence  1870California, USA I7754
2 Bryden, Charles Hare  1870California, USA I7746
3 Bryden, David  1870California, USA I7523
4 Bryden, Franklin Pierce  1870California, USA I7758
5 Bryden, James Eugene  1870California, USA I7747
6 Bryden, James J.  1850California, USA I7766
7 Bryden, Mary L.  1870California, USA I7759
8 Bryden, Samuel  1886California, USA I13370
9 Bryden, Samuel Teter  1870California, USA I7748
10 Bryden, Sarah E.  1870California, USA I7757
11 Bryden, Steve  2010California, USA I11509
12 Bryden, Walter William  2008California, USA I12641
13 Feighery, Arthur Vincent  1928California, USA I11561
14 Hare, Mary  1870California, USA I7744
15 Hopfe, Maria Auguste  1903California, USA I17292
16 Hutton, Charles W.  1887California, USA I12103
17 Perdew, Rufus Putnam  1870California, USA I4905


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryden / Aitchison  1941California, USA F6515
2 Bryden / Lewis  26 Nov 1946California, USA F535
3 Bryden / Perkins  14 Mar 1939California, USA F5780
4 Brydon / Hay  20 Apr 1939California, USA F7328
5 Duncan / Brydon  4 Nov 1942California, USA F7340