The Brydons

Scotland to Canada


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Lighthouse Keeper vignette.
Lighthouse Keeper vignette.
She's Edith Matilda Ansty. She married Walter Franklin Brydon from Hespeler. 
Scarborough Settler's Lament
Scarborough Settler's Lament
written in 1840 by Sandy Glendenning who called it ‘Awa wi Scarboro’s Muddy Creeks’. Sandy was the brother-in-law of David Brydon. David and his wife Janet Glendenning stayed with Sandy in Scarborough when they first arrived in Ontario.

The poem was turned into a song by Canadian folk-singer Stan Rogers and became a standard for Canadian singers.

Here it is performed by Jesse Ferguson, aka The Bard of Cornwall.

Away with Canada's muddy creeks
And Canada's fields of pine
Your land of wheat is a goodly land,
But oh, it is not mine
The heathy hill, the grassy dale.
The daisy spangled lea,
The purling burn and craggy linn --
Auld Scotia's land give me.

Oh, I would like to hear again
The lark on Tinny's hill
And see the wee bit gowany
That blooms beside the rill.
Like banished Swiss who views afar
His Alps with longing e'e.
I gaze upon the morning star
That shines on my country.

No more I'll win by Eskdale Pen
Or Pentland's craggy comb.
The days can ne'er come back again
Of thirty years that's gone,
But fancy oft at midnight hour
Will steal across the sea.
Yestre'en amidst a pleasant dream
I saw my own country.

Each scene that met my view
Brought childhood's joys to mind.
The blackbird sang on Tushey linn
The song he sang lang syne.
But like a dream time flies away
And then the morning came.
And I awoke in Canada,
Three thousand miles from hame.

Sandy Glendinning, 1840