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James Brydon & Helen Miller: Brampton Brydons

They came from Selkirkshire in 1830 and started farming in York County. 70 years and 3 generations later my father's dad, William Brydon, marries the youngest of 6 daughters of Henry Dale. Of Henry's other daughters: William Algie marries Bertha. His brother James Algie marries Sarah, and Bill Beatty marries Fan.
My mom's dad is Lennard Bertram. 'The Heritage of John Bertram' by Janet Bertram Brown is the definitive record of the Bertrams.

Dales, Algies, Beattys

the Bertram family

Robert Brydon & Janet Young: the Stalwart Brydons

12 generations from Roxburghshire to Galt, Ontario and on to Manitoba.

Thomas Brydon & Mary Tait

The Brydons of Brydon Brass: from Edinburgh to Toronto.

Adam Brydon & Margaret Armstrong

The Singular Brydons: from Dumfriesshire to Waterloo Co., Ontario.

Robert Brydon & Margaret Fraser

7 generations from Scotland to a Toronto drug store then to Danville, Virginia and Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan.

Thomas Brydon & Isabella Gray

She's from Glasgow, he's from Berwickshire. They settle in Chatham, Ontario.

Robert Brydon & Christian Douglas

From Roxburghshire. They settle in Guelph, Ontario.


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Nova Scotia Brydens

Robert Bryden & Jean Kirkpatrick- from Dumfriesshire to Nova Scotia and on to Illinois and British Columbia.

  • Robert Bryden's will