The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

New Jersey, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


Greetings from New Jersey
Greetings from New Jersey
State Flower : Violet

New Jersey
New Jersey
Postcard showing people on dock with boats in the water, Lake Hopatgong, New Jersey.

Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton, New Jersey
Nassau Hall, Princeton University


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza M.  Apr 1812New Jersey, USA I14135
2 Mary E.  1832New Jersey, USA I9776
3 Beck, Anthony  13 Jun 1861New Jersey, USA I15377
4 Beyer, William  1902New Jersey, USA I12171
5 Biefeldt, Elizabeth Dorothy  12 Jan 1920New Jersey, USA I10263
6 Broderson, Agnes F.  6 Aug 1901New Jersey, USA I12200
7 Brydon, Doris Albon  23 Jul 1910New Jersey, USA I5847
8 Brydon, Elaine  1908New Jersey, USA I4922
9 Brydon, Eleanor H.  24 Jan 1913New Jersey, USA I4927
10 Brydon, Elizabeth  26 Oct 1927New Jersey, USA I5936
11 Brydon, Harold A.  12 Apr 1912New Jersey, USA I5858
12 Brydon, Marion Adele  27 Mar 1914New Jersey, USA I5855
13 Brydon, Mildred A.  12 Sep 1913New Jersey, USA I5879
14 Brydon, Norman F.  21 Feb 1904New Jersey, USA I4920
15 Brydon, Ruth Elizabeth  4 Feb 1925New Jersey, USA I5853
16 Burrell, Emma  1878New Jersey, USA I13975
17 Burtt, Susan E.  Jan 1885New Jersey, USA I6303
18 Cobb, Ann  1908New Jersey, USA I14290
19 Coggins, Florence M.  17 Aug 1893New Jersey, USA I15475
20 Dann, Mildred B.  20 Dec 1906New Jersey, USA I3485
21 DeMun, John W.  1819New Jersey, USA I13833
22 Doltz, Catherine  1904New Jersey, USA I16293
23 Evans, Joshua S.  1816New Jersey, USA I14136
24 Flynn, Gertrude M.  Feb 1909New Jersey, USA I6300
25 Forrester, Henry C.  1821New Jersey, USA I7866
26 Jensen, Irene  1905New Jersey, USA I12172
27 Lewis, William H.  Dec 1856New Jersey, USA I4937
28 Marlett, Ellen  1824New Jersey, USA I7865
29 Nevius, Charles B.  1877New Jersey, USA I11586
30 Noble, Will  22 Nov 1886New Jersey, USA I14389

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albecker, Albert Sr.  Jan 1967New Jersey, USA I5183
2 Brydon, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1980New Jersey, USA I5936
3 Brydon, James Alexander  18 Jul 2013New Jersey, USA I17367
4 Brydon, Jean Georgiana  10 Feb 2008New Jersey, USA I17354
5 Clarke, Theodore William Sr.  26 Nov 2014New Jersey, USA I5578
6 Coombs, Eleanor  1910New Jersey, USA I6305
7 Essig, Emma  1958New Jersey, USA I4260
8 Hulit, George Burner  24 Feb 1945New Jersey, USA I6298
9 Loderick, John Floyd  27 Nov 1951New Jersey, USA I7129
10 Pratt, Winnifred Berry  Oct 1969New Jersey, USA I9962
11 Rossi, Louis Raymond  24 Aug 2015New Jersey, USA I16820
12 Stadalman, Ralph Dewey Sr.  Sep 1961New Jersey, USA I12199
13 Talbot, William Robert  Feb 1984New Jersey, USA I14818
14 Wademan, Ernest Ellsworth  Aug 1966New Jersey, USA I14013

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Brydon, John Horace  1943New Jersey, USA I4923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burner, Mary E.  1886New Jersey, USA I7430
2 Hulit, John T.  1886New Jersey, USA I7429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albecker / Brydon  1944New Jersey, USA F4078
2 Albecker / Gutenkunst  1911New Jersey, USA F5481
3 Barrett / Brydon  1948New Jersey, USA F4778
4 Bryden / Adam  1948New Jersey, USA F5692
5 Bryden / Diemer  1939New Jersey, USA F4276
6 Bryden / Kramer  1936New Jersey, USA F3666
7 Brydon / Essig  1903New Jersey, USA F1457
8 Brydon / Loderick  1944New Jersey, USA F1961
9 Brydon / Olsen  1941New Jersey, USA F4589
10 Brydon / Wetzel  1946New Jersey, USA F2436
11 Brydon / Williams  1912New Jersey, USA F1016
12 Brydon / Wright  1908New Jersey, USA F1955
13 Dann / McCroy  1904New Jersey, USA F3532
14 Fallon / Coggins  1914New Jersey, USA F5243
15 Flynn / Burtt  1906New Jersey, USA F2101
16 Hooper / Brydon  Jan 1959New Jersey, USA F4102
17 Klumpe / Doltz  May 1927New Jersey, USA F5532
18 Loderick / Kenny  1911New Jersey, USA F2374
19 MacGarrett / Brydon  1935New Jersey, USA F1960
20 Rogers / Brydon  1942New Jersey, USA F1957
21 Stadalman / Broderson  8 Feb 1920New Jersey, USA F4077
22 Vitello / Loffredo  1935New Jersey, USA F5407