The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Midlothian, Scotland


Notes: approximate

County/Shire : Latitude: 55.8292247, Longitude: -3.1338428


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Eleanor Frances  1842Midlothian, Scotland I5635
2 Bryden, Christian  8 Mar 1823Midlothian, Scotland I15886
3 Bryden, John  1801Midlothian, Scotland I11901
4 Bryden, Mary  14 Apr 1815Midlothian, Scotland I15884
5 Brydon, Adam  1761Midlothian, Scotland I9227
6 Brydon, Adam  1886Midlothian, Scotland I12962
7 Brydon, Allison  1826Midlothian, Scotland I14415
8 Brydon, Barbara  1838Midlothian, Scotland I14375
9 Brydon, Elizabeth  1890Midlothian, Scotland I12964
10 Brydon, James  1840Midlothian, Scotland I16981
11 Brydon, James  1888Midlothian, Scotland I12963
12 Brydon, James Thomson  1840Midlothian, Scotland I17254
13 Brydon, Janet  28 May 1836Midlothian, Scotland I17108
14 Brydon, Jean  1829Midlothian, Scotland I16753
15 Brydon, Jean  1837Midlothian, Scotland I6681
16 Brydon, Richard Fraser  10 Jun 1837Midlothian, Scotland I2285
17 Brydon, Robert  1828Midlothian, Scotland I3589
18 Brydon, Robert  1833Midlothian, Scotland I16687
19 Brydon, Robert  1836Midlothian, Scotland I15704
20 Brydon, Thomas  1806Midlothian, Scotland I13723
21 Brydon, Walter  1821Midlothian, Scotland I14414
22 Brydon, William  1793Midlothian, Scotland I15701
23 Brydon, William  6 Jul 1835Midlothian, Scotland I2279
24 Dickson, William  21 Mar 1845Midlothian, Scotland I2337
25 Goskirk, Janet  1796Midlothian, Scotland I14412
26 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  1801Midlothian, Scotland I4607
27 Inglis, James William  1865Midlothian, Scotland I15439
28 Maxwell, Grace Stewart  1806Midlothian, Scotland I15171
29 Stewart, Matthew Mitchell  1839Midlothian, Scotland I5390
30 Stoddart, Mary  1865Midlothian, Scotland I12960

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