The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada



State/Province : Latitude: 45.19752230305682, Longitude: -62.68798828125


Greetings from Nova Scotia
Greetings from Nova Scotia
"Canada's Ocean Playground"

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Schooners, Glace Bay harbour, Cape Breton, NS, about 1914 Wm. Notman & Son

Atlantic Canada, 1771, exerpt from map
Atlantic Canada, 1771, exerpt from map
"Jefferys, Thomas, d. 1771. A New chart of the coast of New England, Nova Scotia, New France or Canada : with the islands of Newfoundld., Cape Breton, St. John's &c / done from the original publish'd in 1744, at Paris, by monsr. N. Bellin, enginier [sic] to the Marine Office ; T. Jefferys, sculp?. --
Scale [ca. 1:3 000 000] (W 70º--W 50º/N 53º--N 43º). -- [London : Gentleman's Magazine, 1746]."

full map at Puglsey's Maps,

Canadian Provinces
Canadian Provinces (8)
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor  1811Nova Scotia, Canada I7665
2 Margaret  1821Nova Scotia, Canada I7558
3 Margaret  5 May 1854Nova Scotia, Canada I13988
4 Mary  Nova Scotia, Canada I8938
5 Rachel  3 Nov 1821Nova Scotia, Canada I9142
6 Ruth Emeline  1840Nova Scotia, Canada I20013
7 Savinia A.  1857Nova Scotia, Canada I21691
8 Mrs. Thomas  28 Mar 1821Nova Scotia, Canada I582
9 Archibald, Mary  28 May 1812Nova Scotia, Canada I7676
10 Armstrong, Mary Hazel  19 Nov 1900Nova Scotia, Canada I17600
11 Balsor, Eliza E.  1 Dec 1877Nova Scotia, Canada I7108
12 Barkhouse, Cameron Smith  Jun 1909Nova Scotia, Canada I10022
13 Bartram, Walter B.  Oct 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I13041
14 Bears, Mercy Caroline  27 Nov 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I10420
15 Beeler, Jane  1819Nova Scotia, Canada I5943
16 Bent, Harriet Ann  6 Nov 1826Nova Scotia, Canada I2771
17 Best, Clyde Allison  Jul 1920Nova Scotia, Canada I12083
18 Blois, Benjamin J.  5 Apr 1822Nova Scotia, Canada I9141
19 Brown, James Edward  1814Nova Scotia, Canada I5942
20 Bryden, Annie  13 Mar 1826Nova Scotia, Canada I13575
21 Bryden, Basil  Abt 1908Nova Scotia, Canada I9467
22 Bryden, Charles Gordon  2 Oct 1920Nova Scotia, Canada I10193
23 Bryden, David Charles  1848Nova Scotia, Canada I9981
24 Bryden, Elizabeth Harwood  29 Mar 1839Nova Scotia, Canada I7616
25 Bryden, Elizabeth Mclean  12 Apr 1880Nova Scotia, Canada I1462
26 Bryden, Elizabeth Putnam  5 Feb 1847Nova Scotia, Canada I7186
27 Bryden, Elizabeth Putnam  8 Jan 1850Nova Scotia, Canada I7357
28 Bryden, Esther  1807Nova Scotia, Canada I20229
29 Bryden, Henrietta Regina  Jul 1857Nova Scotia, Canada I9789
30 Bryden, James J.  30 Nov 1827Nova Scotia, Canada I7766

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Catherine Elizabeth  1879Nova Scotia, Canada I2925
2 Bryden, Edward  1827Nova Scotia, Canada I3881
3 Bryden, Leonard Francis  8 May 2010Nova Scotia, Canada I12340
4 Bryden, Stephen Thomas  19 Oct 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I8324
5 Bryden, William Bernard  1990Nova Scotia, Canada I8615
6 Brydon, Clyde Warren  29 Sep 1986Nova Scotia, Canada I6116
7 Brydon, Max Esric  12 Feb 1971Nova Scotia, Canada I6119
8 Brydon, Vere Margeson  13 Jul 2013Nova Scotia, Canada I8030
9 Dolemont, Bernadette  1981Nova Scotia, Canada I2598
10 Douglas, Eunice  14 Feb 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I7550
11 Fisher, Margaret  12 May 1809Nova Scotia, Canada I3886
12 Foote, Henry Hartley  21 Jan 1997Nova Scotia, Canada I8226
13 Godfrey, Mary  4 Jan 1816Nova Scotia, Canada I7554
14 Hunter, Letitia  1785Nova Scotia, Canada I3889
15 Johnson, Ainsley Eugene  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I6144
16 Mackley, Raylene Gerhart  26 Aug 2013Nova Scotia, Canada I10665
17 MacNeil, Mary  2 Mar 2010Nova Scotia, Canada I16240
18 Morris, Lewis  14 Aug 1895Nova Scotia, Canada I7016
19 Mosher, William H.  13 Oct 1903Nova Scotia, Canada I7933
20 Myra, Sarah A.  21 Dec 1901Nova Scotia, Canada I7980
21 Wolfe, John William  6 Apr 1954Nova Scotia, Canada I7484
22 Wolfe, Capt. Randal  1 May 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I7979

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Carl William  1918Nova Scotia, Canada I5488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Mulhall, Jesse Attwood  1870Nova Scotia, Canada I7557


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Margaret  1762Nova Scotia, Canada I13680
2 Beattie, Catherine  1824Nova Scotia, Canada I12722
3 Beattie, Catherine  1831Nova Scotia, Canada I12722
4 Bryden, Isabella  1869Nova Scotia, Canada I7934
5 Bryden, William  1824Nova Scotia, Canada I12721
6 Bryden, William  1831Nova Scotia, Canada I12721


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brydon / Dukeshire  Nova Scotia, Canada F751
2 Henry / Bryden  Abt 1828Nova Scotia, Canada F1352