The Brydons

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Baltimore, Maryland, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 39.2903848, Longitude: -76.6121893


Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
Lexington market, Baltimore, Maryland
Photo. by Albertype Co.
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bachman, Karl George  16 Sep 1915Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14223
2 Bryden, Sr. Ruth Ann  30 Apr 1949Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19260
3 Bryden, Singleton Albert  5 Oct 1906Baltimore, Maryland, USA I23954
4 Bryden, Stephen Carter  13 Aug 1944Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19675
5 Brydon, Edward Richard  6 Jan 1907Baltimore, Maryland, USA I22020
6 Brydon, Ida Scarf  12 Jun 1888Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8130
7 Brydon, Robert III  30 Oct 1906Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2425
8 Brydon, Virginia L.  25 Jun 1897Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6788
9 Fithian, William Henry  16 Aug 1895Baltimore, Maryland, USA I21856
10 Habighurst, Ignatia Monmoniere  13 Oct 1881Baltimore, Maryland, USA I20401
11 Hillenbrand, George Joseph  4 May 1923Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19266
12 Kunkel, Nellie Caroline  15 Mar 1913Baltimore, Maryland, USA I21130
13 Lauten, William Bryden  30 Jun 1897Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14172
14 Mackley, Raymond Gerhart  Jun 1896Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9647
15 Martin, Helen Lorraine  19 Jan 1914Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19845
16 Murphy, Charles Aloysius J.  1 Aug 1911Baltimore, Maryland, USA I16076
17 Pearman, Jennie West  3 Oct 1885Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19279
18 Sonderman, Arthur William  1 Apr 1912Baltimore, Maryland, USA I21129
19 Stohr, Anna M.  14 Jun 1907Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19275
20 Stubbs, Edward Brydon  24 Sep 1914Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14146
21 Stubbs, Herbert Alvin  13 Sep 1888Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14145
22 Stubbs, Mary Ella  3 Dec 1917Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14147
23 Stubbs, Paul Aloysius  21 Jul 1924Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14174
24 Todd, Amelia E.  28 Aug 1807Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Edward Kent Sr.  6 Dec 2007Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19254
2 Bryden, Lucy Annette  2 Aug 1925Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8926
3 Brydon, Ida Scarf  1962Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8130
4 Brydon, Irene Stella  12 May 1941Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8743
5 Brydon, Dr. Robert  17 Mar 1921Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2413
6 Brydon, Samuel Bernard  27 Jul 1945Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7951
7 Hadaway, Mary Caroline  10 Feb 2010Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19287
8 Lauten, William Bryden  19 May 1986Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14172
9 Maslin, Thomas Lawrence  1949Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19350
10 Murphy, Charles A.  7 Feb 1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I16075
11 Murphy, Charles Aloysius J.  11 Nov 1964Baltimore, Maryland, USA I16076
12 Pearman, Jennie West  17 Aug 1958Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19279
13 Sappington, Benjamin Franklin  15 Jul 1995Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19284
14 Stohr, Anna M.  23 Jan 1989Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19275
15 Stubbs, Edward Brydon  18 Mar 2004Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14146
16 Stubbs, Edward Smith  17 Feb 1905Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14175
17 Stubbs, Herbert Alvin  13 Oct 1954Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14145
18 Stubbs, Mary Ella  9 Jan 1989Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14147
19 Stubbs, Paul Aloysius  12 Aug 2008Baltimore, Maryland, USA I14174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Georgianna  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I23808
2 Bryden, Charles Thomas  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19252
3 Bryden, Laura May  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I19283
4 Bryden, Lucy Annette  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8926
5 Brydon, Charles Sidney  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I21118
6 Brydon, Edward Gemmell  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8131
7 Brydon, Edward Gemmell  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8131
8 Brydon, Edward R.  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8114
9 Brydon, Edward R.  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8114
10 Brydon, Edward R.  1905Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8114
11 Brydon, Georgianna Freeland  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6789
12 Brydon, Ida Scarf  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8130
13 Brydon, Ida Scarf  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8130
14 Brydon, Ida Scarf  1930Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8130
15 Brydon, Ida Scarf  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8130
16 Brydon, John Crosby Jr.  1920Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7961
17 Brydon, John Crosby  1920Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7949
18 Brydon, Mary Florence  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8132
19 Brydon, Mary Florence  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8132
20 Brydon, Mary Florence  1920Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8132
21 Brydon, Nell Louise  1920Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7962
22 Brydon, Philip C.  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I16077
23 Brydon, Rebecca Grace  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7945
24 Brydon, Rhoda J. F.  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8129
25 Brydon, Rhoda J. F.  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8129
26 Brydon, Rhoda J. F.  1920Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8129
27 Brydon, Rhoda J. F.  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8129
28 Brydon, Samuel Bernard  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7951
29 Brydon, Virginia L.  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6788
30 Brydon, Virginia Lee  1940Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7954

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Livingstone / Brydon  21 Sep 1933Baltimore, Maryland, USA F8581