Thanks to Brydon Brown who generously provided the original copy.

Neil McLean writes from Grey County, Ontario

to Maggie Hall, daughter of his sister Margaret

Bentinck Augt 15th 1871

Dear Niece: (Miss Maggie Hall)

I take the Liberty of answering your kind and most welcomed letter which I recieved some and from which we were sorry to learn that Isabella was not getting better except once in a while. We were also very sorry to learn that the big horse died that your father had up here last winter. Your Uncle Malcolm was hear last Sabbath. He is quite well now. Ann is also in the same way. Rachel is keeping poorly. She can't come out this far except with the oxen now and again. Grandmother was very poorly all summer but she is getting better now though not much. I may also let you know the Hugh McCormick was down in the Lunatic Asylum with his Brother John and left him there. His son went down to see him last Saturday. He keeps very quiet. If any of you should go in to Toronto call to see him.

The wether is very dry hear. We had a very fine shower of rain this morning the crops is very poorly. We have all the peas in the barn. I was down in Mt. Forest seeing the narrow gauge bridge it is a very dangerous Bridge it is forty feet above the water. We expect to see you on the first train in September only sixteen miles from Durham. I must not forget to tell you that Donald is running around the house he is talking. Rachel's boy is walking. I was not in Walkerton about two weeks ago. Malcolm is building a wall four feet wide along his lot in the tale Race with stove and lime. The wall is 8 feet high level to the surface of the ground the lenth of his lot and he is also plastering the back kitchen.

I have no more to say at present hoping to hear from you before long father mother and mary yours ? me in kind love to you all not forgeting yourself.

I remain dear niece your dear uncle
Niel McLean
3 con 29 lot