Stalwart Brydons – Chapter 6

The James II Young Brydon era, 1870 to 1913

James II and Christina II James II Brydon and Christina II (Fraser) Brydon, ca 1879. This photo is believed to be taken at the time of their wedding.


James II family, circa 1888 clockwise: James, Allen, Christina with baby Ida on her lap, Agnes, Frank


Horses and barn The barn was built by James II, circa 1870s. This photo was taken before a tornado tore off the roof on June 23 1922. Barn, horses and baby


     It is said that James would walk to Winnipeg to do his business, taking five days to complete the trip – two days there and back and a day in the city. He also apparently had time for recreation; he captained the basball team in the 1880s that won the Manitoba provincial championship.

View of Mt. Pleasant school The view of Mt. Pleasant school as seen from James II farm, circa 1910. Students in front of Mt. Pleasant school By 1913 , owing to a small attendance, the school was closed.

In 1878 James built a school house. The school opened in 1879 with 40 pupils. James built more than a school he built a relationship with the school teacher, Christina Fraser, who he married the same year.

Christina's medal Medal won by Christina at the 1908 Portage Industrial Fair. Medal