Stalwart Brydons – Chapter 2

The Brydon – Young family emigration to Canada and settlement in Ontario, 1828 to 1843

William Dickson's ledger book William Dickson promoted a new Scottish settlement known as New Dumfries Township in Waterloo County, Ontario. He offered land for sale for £1 per acre – about the same as Morebattle residents were paying in rent in Scotland. Plus he provided the settlers – on credit – with tools, seed and even teams of oxen.

William Dickson's Master Survey Dumfries Twp., 1826 William Dickson's Master Survey Dumfries Twp., 1826. Names were added as land was allotted. Robert Brydon's property lot s2w Conc VIII is bottom centre.  

Walter and James Deans can be seen to the left of the Brydon property, they arrived in 1831.   

Lot s2w Conc VII Looking eastward towards the Grand River on the northern half of Lot s2w Conc VIII. The dirt road divides the lot into tyhe north and the south portions. -photo 2014. On receiving forested farmland, the settlers were faced with a formidable challenge – Their experience in Scotland did not include clearing forest and preparing land for cultivation.

Wm. Dickson's ledger showing Robert Brydon acct.

William Dickson’s ledger recorded not only the debt for property, over the first three years of settlement the ledger shows he provided the Brydons with 2 five pound sugar kettles, sixty six pounds of sugar, a yoke of oxen, one barrel of flour, ten bushels of rye and “writings exclusive of small note.”

Fuller's Teazel When poking around the foundations of the barn Dianne discovered growing several Fuller's Teazels which were used in olden times as a natural comb for cleaning wool.

Fuller’s Teazel: The dried flower heads were attached to spindles, wheels or cylinders, sometimes called teazel frames to tease and raise the nap on fabrics particularly wool. The Brydons as reported in the 1842 census produced substantially more wool thanother farms in Dumfries Township.

1861 Galt Region Showing Galt, the Grand River, Robert Brydon's farm on lot s2w, Conc. VIII and William Brydon's farm on Conc. VII. 

The farm on Lot s2w Concession VII is gently rolling with a small lake in the northwest corner. The eastern edge is the Grand River near which, on a ridge, the Brydon farmhouse is believed to have been. In 1833 a successful petition saw the building of a bridge across the river near their farm.