The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



City/Town : Latitude: 49.895452, Longitude: -97.138273


Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hotel Fort Garry, Winnipeg.
Looking west down Broadway.

Photo by H Diakiw
Winnipeg, 1871
Winnipeg, 1871
The corner of Portage and Main


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
61 Ellis, Frederick John Wesley  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I9449
62 Ellis, John  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I15069
63 Ellis, John  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I15069
64 Ellis, John  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I15069
65 Fisher, Mary Ann Robinson  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I7109
66 Garbutt, William  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3777
67 Greig, Robert Speirs  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3058
68 Greig, Robert Speirs  1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3058
69 Gunderson, Hilden Florence  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I10683
70 Herriot, Prof. George Henry  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I9745
71 Herriot, Prof. George Henry  1945Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I9745
72 Herriot, Marion Helen  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6942
73 Hewton, Marion Lenora  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I9746
74 Hewton, Marion Lenora  1945Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I9746
75 Holwell, Grace Norma  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I932
76 Holwell, Grace Norma  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I932
77 Inman, Norman Arthur  1965Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3003
78 Johnson, Christine Margaret  1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6697
79 Johnson, Christine Margaret  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6697
80 Johnson, Christine Margaret  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6697
81 Johnson, Helen Elizabeth  1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6695
82 Johnson, Jennette Lillian  1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6698
83 Johnson, Jennette Lillian  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6698
84 Johnson, John Dickieson  1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I1698
85 Johnson, John Dickieson  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I1698
86 Johnson, John Dickieson  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I1698
87 Johnson, John Dickieson  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I1698
88 Johnson, Laura E.  1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6696
89 Johnson, Laura E.  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6696
90 Johnson, Laura E.  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6696

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