The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada



County/Shire : Latitude: 43.6847566291653, Longitude: -80.34164428710937


Wellington County, Ontario
Wellington County, Ontario

"Covered bridge, Wellington County"
Creator: Department of Highways
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Wellington County, Ontario
Wellington County, Ontario

1885 map


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Algie, Jane  5 Oct 1872Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1305
2 Bard, Emma Theresa  13 Feb 1876Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1364
3 Brydon, James Fasken P. Eng.  12 Dec 1921Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1526
4 Buchan, Helen  1843Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2022
5 Burnett, Robert Francis  1854Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2592
6 Cleghorn, Hugh Grant  18 Jul 1907Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I3981
7 Martin, Stella Alexandra  7 Mar 1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I5362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Algie, Lily  25 Feb 1880Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2978
2 Brydon, Edna Jane  20 Mar 1938Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1684
3 Brydon, James Fasken P. Eng.  8 Jun 2008Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1526
4 Cleghorn, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1921Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2040
5 Cleghorn, Isabella  11 Apr 1844Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2018
6 Cleghorn, James  10 Apr 1844Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2038
7 Cleghorn, James  29 Apr 1877Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2653
8 Cleghorn, Robert  26 Mar 1844Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2019
9 Cleghorn, William  15 Apr 1844Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2039
10 Cooling, Mary Jane Marinda  16 Sep 1927Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I7526
11 Dickieson, George Raymond  21 Dec 2009Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I5503
12 Dunbar, Rogers Arthur Algernon  12 Oct 1930Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I14786
13 Fisher, Susannah  26 Jan 1916Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I3237
14 McPherson, Alex  24 Apr 1896Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I3302
15 Oliver, Isabella  1851Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I5401
16 Quarrie, Elsie Mary  15 Mar 2015Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I5504
17 Richardson, Andrew  12 Sep 1902Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1819


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Janet  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2127
2 Brydon, Margaret Martha  1911Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1569
3 Griffinham, Violet Adeline  1972Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I6780
4 Hoskinson, Althea Gertrude Caroline  1958Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1949
5 Kirkwood, James  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2130
6 Kirkwood, Margaret Isabelle  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2129
7 Manderson, Thomas  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2882
8 McDonald, Agnes  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2131
9 Moore, Eleanor  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I3514
10 Murray, Lydia  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I3567
11 Plester, Charles  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I3566
12 Plester, Charles William  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1973
13 Rankin, Harriett Catherine  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I955
14 Slimmon, Marjorie Grace  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I1729
15 Slimmon, William  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2996
16 Sutherland, Esther  1901Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I2997
17 Thurston, Emma  1911Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada I4256


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boles / Brydon  20 Feb 1900Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F653
2 Brydon / Slimmon  15 Sep 1915Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F559
3 Burnett / Brydon  1 Jun 1887Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F1231
4 Kennedy / Hughson  6 Jul 1859Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F1174
5 Main / Brydon  20 Jun 1900Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F703
6 Patterson / Moore  18 Jan 1866Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F1216
7 Young / Pinder  6 Jun 1923Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada F1581