The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada



State/Province : Latitude: 45.19752230305682, Longitude: -62.68798828125


Greetings from Nova Scotia
Greetings from Nova Scotia
"Canada's Ocean Playground"

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Schooners, Glace Bay harbour, Cape Breton, NS, about 1914 Wm. Notman & Son

Atlantic Canada, 1771, exerpt from map
Atlantic Canada, 1771, exerpt from map
"Jefferys, Thomas, d. 1771. A New chart of the coast of New England, Nova Scotia, New France or Canada : with the islands of Newfoundld., Cape Breton, St. John's &c / done from the original publish'd in 1744, at Paris, by monsr. N. Bellin, enginier [sic] to the Marine Office ; T. Jefferys, sculp?. --
Scale [ca. 1:3 000 000] (W 70º--W 50º/N 53º--N 43º). -- [London : Gentleman's Magazine, 1746]."

full map at Puglsey's Maps,

Canadian Provinces
Canadian Provinces (8)
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
31 Bryden, James J.  30 Nov 1827Nova Scotia, Canada I7766
32 Bryden, James M.  1857Nova Scotia, Canada I7511
33 Bryden, John  1816Nova Scotia, Canada I3148
34 Bryden, John  30 Nov 1894Nova Scotia, Canada I8348
35 Bryden, John A.  16 Dec 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I8351
36 Bryden, John Thomas  Abt 1921Nova Scotia, Canada I598
37 Bryden, Kate  1855Nova Scotia, Canada I7512
38 Bryden, Katherine  1825Nova Scotia, Canada I12710
39 Bryden, Leonard Francis  7 Dec 1942Nova Scotia, Canada I12340
40 Bryden, Loretta  27 Dec 1900Nova Scotia, Canada I9460
41 Bryden, Margaret  1875Nova Scotia, Canada I8441
42 Bryden, Margaret Ann  3 Apr 1879Nova Scotia, Canada I6428
43 Bryden, Margaret Bell  26 Jun 1877Nova Scotia, Canada I7856
44 Bryden, Mary Ann  21 Nov 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I1359
45 Bryden, Mary G.  1830Nova Scotia, Canada I12723
46 Bryden, Mary Jane  May 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I1788
47 Bryden, Matilda  1836Nova Scotia, Canada I2922
48 Bryden, Myra Jane  1 Feb 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I8457
49 Bryden, Robert Gordon  1874Nova Scotia, Canada I8456
50 Bryden, Robert Hunter  1852Nova Scotia, Canada I7513
51 Bryden, Sarah  30 Jun 1892Nova Scotia, Canada I9456
52 Bryden, Sarah Agatha  31 Oct 1884Nova Scotia, Canada I8313
53 Bryden, Thomas E.  1802Nova Scotia, Canada I11367
54 Bryden, William Jr.  8 Sep 1830Nova Scotia, Canada I12702
55 Bryden, William Henry  28 Aug 1854Nova Scotia, Canada I9787
56 Brydon, Abigail Sophia  29 Jan 1846Nova Scotia, Canada I9139
57 Brydon, Charles Edward  Apr 1861Nova Scotia, Canada I4863
58 Brydon, Eunice A.  1853Nova Scotia, Canada I5242
59 Brydon, Florence  11 May 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I6115
60 Brydon, Hannah Amanda  Mar 1840Nova Scotia, Canada I7041

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