The Brydons

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Dumfriesshire, Scotland



County/Shire : Latitude: 55.239979, Longitude: -3.763575


Dumfries, Scotland
Dumfries, Scotland
Caerlaverock Castle,
from the Detroit Publishing Co., catalogue J foreign section. Detroit, Mich. : Detroit Photographic Company, 1905.
Dumfries, Scotland
Dumfries, Scotland
"The Sands, Dumfries, Scotland"


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1797Dumfriesshire, Scotland I10560
2 Isabella  31 Dec 1900Dumfriesshire, Scotland I5039
3 Anderson, James  1786Dumfriesshire, Scotland I9660
4 Beattie, Isabella  1796Dumfriesshire, Scotland I10085
5 Beattie, Mary  1828Dumfriesshire, Scotland I6484
6 Bell, David  1788Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3746
7 Bell, Helen  30 Oct 1818Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3750
8 Bell, John  1820Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3753
9 Bell, Margaret  1818Dumfriesshire, Scotland I11851
10 Bell, Mary  1812Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3752
11 Bell, Walter  1816Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3749
12 Bell, William  17 Feb 1823Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3751
13 Blacklock, Ambrose Anthony F. R. C. S.  1784Dumfriesshire, Scotland I14716
14 Blacklock, Thomas  1792Dumfriesshire, Scotland I10043
15 Bryden, Adam  1766Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3701
16 Bryden, Adam  23 Aug 1819Dumfriesshire, Scotland I11775
17 Bryden, Agnes  16 Feb 1810Dumfriesshire, Scotland I11348
18 Bryden, Agnes  1826Dumfriesshire, Scotland I13795
19 Bryden, Agnes  26 Sep 1831Dumfriesshire, Scotland I17625
20 Bryden, Andrew  15 Apr 1847Dumfriesshire, Scotland I11874
21 Bryden, Catherine  1828Dumfriesshire, Scotland I17623
22 Bryden, David  Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3780
23 Bryden, David  1801Dumfriesshire, Scotland I13375
24 Bryden, David  29 Oct 1829Dumfriesshire, Scotland I17627
25 Bryden, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1824Dumfriesshire, Scotland I3811
26 Bryden, Helen  Jan 1886Dumfriesshire, Scotland I7307
27 Bryden, Isabella Wilson  1896Dumfriesshire, Scotland I15010
28 Bryden, Isobel  1728Dumfriesshire, Scotland I11956
29 Bryden, James  1776Dumfriesshire, Scotland I8108
30 Bryden, James  1816Dumfriesshire, Scotland I18097

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Galloway, Alexander Tait  1862Dumfriesshire, Scotland I8995


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jack / Bryden  Dumfriesshire, Scotland F2360