The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



City/Town : Latitude: 51.055149, Longitude: -114.062438


Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta
circa 1906
Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta
Fort Calgary in the 1880's


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brydon, John Douglas  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4983
2 Davis, Christopher John  Calgary, Alberta, Canada I5815
3 Foster, Harry Ross  16 Aug 1912Calgary, Alberta, Canada I5355
4 Ramsay, Bruce  18 Dec 1908Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4509
5 Ramsay, Mabel Bernice  5 Sep 1914Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4522
6 Smith, Marjorie Campbell  22 Dec 1910Calgary, Alberta, Canada I9318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barbour, Amelia Betsy  25 Jun 1927Calgary, Alberta, Canada I10018
2 Bryden, Agnes Russell  29 Jul 1958Calgary, Alberta, Canada I3264
3 Bryden, Clarence Victor  10 Jan 1976Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6877
4 Brydon, Andrew Hart  13 Apr 1941Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4981
5 Brydon, Elvira Minetta  17 Jul 1929Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6065
6 Brydon, George  2 Nov 1935Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1452
7 Brydon, John  1909Calgary, Alberta, Canada I9400
8 Brydon, Raymond Dickinson  20 Jul 2016Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2061
9 Brydon, Reginald George Ernest  17 Sep 1973Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1582
10 Brydon, Shirley Irene  15 Nov 1949Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1585
11 Brydon, William Archibald  7 Aug 1960Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1603
12 Cahn, Rosie  6 Aug 1982Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4389
13 Chalk, Kirk  10 Sep 2013Calgary, Alberta, Canada I993
14 Hall, George Wilbur  4 Sep 1973Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1608
15 Hall, John Brydon  1 Aug 2005Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2690
16 Hall, Margaret Jean Elizabeth  7 Jul 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2691
17 Hood, Robert Scott  1930Calgary, Alberta, Canada I10017
18 Machray, Catherine N.  9 Nov 1928Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1507
19 Malyon, Morley Wilbur  6 Sep 1977Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1080
20 Nesbitt, Walter Stanley  18 Oct 1993Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4647
21 Prosser, Muriel  1976Calgary, Alberta, Canada I151
22 Ramsay, James Gordon  26 Dec 1963Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4520
23 Smith, Marjorie Campbell  21 Apr 1988Calgary, Alberta, Canada I9318
24 Young, Kenneth Roy  10 Oct 2010Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Andrew Hart  Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4981
2 Halliday, Margaret C.  30 Jan 1967Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4982

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Neil  1914Calgary, Alberta, Canada I10518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bannatyne, Peter MacBride  1911Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6957
2 Bannatyne, Peter MacBride  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6957
3 Bryden, Clarence Victor  1901Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6877
4 Bryden, Clarence Victor  1915Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6877
5 Bryden, Clarence Victor  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I6877
6 Bryden, Ella Mabel  1946Calgary, Alberta, Canada I10172
7 Bryden, Gordon  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I8218
8 Bryden, John  1901Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2885
9 Brydon, Andrew Hart  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4981
10 Brydon, Andrew Hart  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4981
11 Brydon, Florence Jessie Isabella  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1584
12 Brydon, George  1901Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1452
13 Brydon, George  1912Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1452
14 Brydon, George  1915Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1452
15 Brydon, George  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1452
16 Brydon, John Douglas  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4983
17 Brydon, John Douglas  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4983
18 Brydon, Karl McRae  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1581
19 Brydon, Lucy Ellen Armstrong  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1583
20 Brydon, Shirley Irene  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1585
21 Brydon, Shirley Irene  1927Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1585
22 Goodwin, Clara Victoria  1901Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2884
23 Goodwin, Clara Victoria  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2884
24 Hall, Margaret Jean Elizabeth  1937Calgary, Alberta, Canada I2691
25 Halliday, Margaret C.  1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4982
26 Halliday, Margaret C.  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I4982
27 Lewis, Francis Edward  1911Calgary, Alberta, Canada I645
28 Lewis, Francis Edward  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I645
29 Logan, Frederick Dawson  1969Calgary, Alberta, Canada I986
30 Machray, Catherine N.  1914Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1507

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Steel  Jun 1953Calgary, Alberta, Canada F1474
2 Bryden / Cunningham  1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada F2940
3 Kelly / Hall  31 Jan 1955Calgary, Alberta, Canada F2180
4 Ramsay / Hunter  1 Jan 1908Calgary, Alberta, Canada F1555
5 Spence / Ramsay  16 Oct 1937Calgary, Alberta, Canada F1561