The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 39.952335, Longitude: -75.16378900000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ketches, Helen Elizabeth  18 Apr 1915Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I14387
2 Masterson, Constance Marguerite  16 Sep 1832Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I6244
3 Pease, Dorothy Bryden  9 Jun 1895Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11755
4 Pursell, Mary Lou  13 Sep 1936Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I13028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aiken, Henry Clay  23 Aug 1956Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11733
2 Bryden, Anna L.  23 Aug 1936Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I5549
3 Bryden, Marion Damon  25 Dec 1960Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I5546
4 Greene, Mary Amelia  9 Jul 1926Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I8666
5 May, Capt. Henry D.  31 Mar 1903Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11750
6 Romberger, Henry Alfred  10 May 1925Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I1605
7 Saylor, Clara Elizabeth  10 Jun 1921Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I8473
8 Stranahan, Nellie  26 Dec 1929Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I13808
9 Westnedge, Edith Margaret  4 Oct 1955Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I13034


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sarah  1850Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11752
2 Bryden, Alexander Louis  1917Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10486
3 Bryden, Alexander Louis  1930Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10486
4 Bryden, Alexander Louis  1940Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10486
5 Bryden, Beulah V.  1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11745
6 Bryden, William Donald  1930Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10489
7 Bryden, William Donald  1940Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10489
8 Bryden, William Donald  1955Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10489
9 Cassidy, Ida Mary Isabel  1920Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I8779
10 Edgar, Jennie Blanche  1917Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10487
11 Edgar, Jennie Blanche  1930Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10487
12 Edgar, Jennie Blanche  1940Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I10487
13 Horn, Georgiana Mima  1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I1604
14 May, Henry  1850Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11751
15 May, Henry  1860Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11751
16 May, Henry  1870Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11751
17 May, Capt. Henry D.  1850Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11750
18 May, Capt. Henry D.  1860Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11750
19 May, Capt. Henry D.  1867Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11750
20 May, Capt. Henry D.  1870Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11750
21 Pease, Dorothy Bryden  1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11755
22 Pease, Edward William  1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I11754
23 Romberger, Henry Alfred  1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I1605
24 Sherry, Georgia Elizabeth  1940Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I13031
25 Sherry, Georgia Elizabeth  1955Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I13031
26 Smith, George Allen  1920Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I8778
27 Smith, Muriel Annie  1920Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I8707
28 Westnedge, Edith Margaret  1940Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I13034


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryden / Smith  1926Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F2919
2 Brydon / Evans  1892Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F4196
3 Jennings / Bryden  1924Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F4456
4 McKenna / Dougherty  1944Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F1822
5 Romberger / Horn  1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F527
6 Smith / Conway  1886Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F3184