The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Latitude: 45.675482, Longitude: -73.619385


Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Bonsecours Market in Montreal


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Veo, James  1821Montreal, Quebec, Canada I10692
2 Thompson, Sarita Florence  3 Oct 1913Montreal, Quebec, Canada I320
3 McKenzie, Robert  1813Montreal, Quebec, Canada I7003
4 Marshall, William Herbert  30 Apr 1891Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5827
5 Harris, Lillian May  10 Aug 1886Montreal, Quebec, Canada I11124
6 Brydon, Joan Mildred  29 Jun 1923Montreal, Quebec, Canada I2498
7 Brydon, Ella  1859Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5909
8 Bryden, Norman Monteith  4 Nov 1884Montreal, Quebec, Canada I7193
9 Bryden, John William  18 Dec 1908Montreal, Quebec, Canada I11122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Majorie Ruth  13 Mar 1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I9695


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Turcot, Dr. Rene  18 Jul 1955Montreal, Quebec, Canada I9074
2 Turcot, Marc Rene  6 Jun 2005Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5287
3 Smith, Eliza Millichamp  3 Oct 1934Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1661
4 Ross, Audrey  9 Oct 1917Montreal, Quebec, Canada I9756
5 Ritchie, Jemima Patricia Reid  30 May 1926Montreal, Quebec, Canada I10337
6 Gray, William  14 Feb 1925Montreal, Quebec, Canada I2529
7 Gray, Lorna  Feb 1960Montreal, Quebec, Canada I6876
8 Brydon, Thomas Andrew Fox  22 Jun 1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I927
9 Brydon, James  28 Feb 1937Montreal, Quebec, Canada I2177
10 Brydon, James  7 May 1916Montreal, Quebec, Canada I8168
11 Bryden, Dr. Mark Phillip  18 Aug 1996Montreal, Quebec, Canada I7918
12 Bryden, Margaret  15 Jun 1949Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5697
13 Bryden, Georgina Elizabeth  3 Jun 1913Montreal, Quebec, Canada I15168
14 Bertram, Elizabeth Bennet  11 Jun 1975Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1096
15 Bertram, Brigadier General Sir Alexander  24 Apr 1926Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1099
16 Archibald, Charles Edward  6 Dec 1939Montreal, Quebec, Canada I9352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Hall, Dr. William  1887Montreal, Quebec, Canada I254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Wood, Sarah  1820Montreal, Quebec, Canada I7030
2 Turnbull, Isabella  1820Montreal, Quebec, Canada I4877

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Thatcher, Harry White  28 Oct 1915Montreal, Quebec, Canada I4985
2 Bertram, Stirling Aimers  Jun 1916Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Turnbull, Isabella  1829Montreal, Quebec, Canada I4877
2 Thacher, Adelaide Standish  1881Montreal, Quebec, Canada I7191
3 Smith, Mayes Case  1922Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5617
4 Scott, Mary Emma  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I968
5 Ritchie, Jemima Patricia Reid  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I10337
6 Ogden, Charles Bertram  1939Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5704
7 Mowatt, Reginald Cuthbert  1911Montreal, Quebec, Canada I4971
8 Mosher, Waldo Elliott  1948Montreal, Quebec, Canada I8048
9 McIntyre, Murray  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1252
10 McIntyre, Murray  1911Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1252
11 McIntyre, George Duncan  1942Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1250
12 McIntyre, George Duncan  1934Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1250
13 McIntyre, George Duncan  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1250
14 McIntyre, George Duncan  1911Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1250
15 McIntyre, George Douglas  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1251
16 McIntyre, George Douglas  1911Montreal, Quebec, Canada I1251
17 McConachie, Susan Frances  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I972
18 McConachie, Robert M.  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I948
19 McConachie, Letitia May  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I969
20 Logan, Mary Gladys  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I988
21 Logan, Frederick Dawson  1921Montreal, Quebec, Canada I986
22 Logan, Frederick Dawson  1915Montreal, Quebec, Canada I986
23 Harris, Lillian May  1901Montreal, Quebec, Canada I11124
24 Harris, Charles  1891Montreal, Quebec, Canada I11131
25 Chalk, Gertrude Alma  1958Montreal, Quebec, Canada I2634
26 Brydon, George  1939Montreal, Quebec, Canada I2932
27 Brydon, Francis Edward  1958Montreal, Quebec, Canada I2179
28 Brydon, Ella  1891Montreal, Quebec, Canada I5909
29 Brydon, Beverly  1958Montreal, Quebec, Canada I8838
30 Brydon, Alice Velma  1930Montreal, Quebec, Canada I66

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Turcot / Legare  20 Jan 1913Montreal, Quebec, Canada F3057
2 Smith / Bassett-Vincent  28 Nov 1917Montreal, Quebec, Canada F3794
3 Ogden / Bryden  1878Montreal, Quebec, Canada F1910
4 Douglas / Moore  1830Montreal, Quebec, Canada F2550
5 Brydon / Jeffrey  8 Jul 1912Montreal, Quebec, Canada F1746
6 Brydon / Jackman  11 Mar 1916Montreal, Quebec, Canada F3229
7 Brydon / Dow  9 Nov 1916Montreal, Quebec, Canada F1758
8 Bryden / Turnbull  5 Feb 1829Montreal, Quebec, Canada F1656