The Brydons

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Massachusetts, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 42.49640294093705, Longitude: -71.641845703125


Greetings from Massachusetts
Greetings from Massachusetts
state flower: arbutus


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane M.  1827Massachusetts, USA I8583
2 Marcy R.  1787Massachusetts, USA I14715
3 Mary  1903Massachusetts, USA I14221
4 Abrahams, Benjamin  1794Massachusetts, USA I14714
5 Abrahams, David C.  1845Massachusetts, USA I5323
6 Adams, Clifton Keith  13 Oct 1900Massachusetts, USA I11019
7 Annis, Arthur H.  1861Massachusetts, USA I10825
8 Armstrong, Janet  1933Massachusetts, USA I12098
9 Bryden, Ethel M.  16 Jan 1906Massachusetts, USA I9379
10 Bryden, Glenn Steven  4 Sep 1949Massachusetts, USA I7402
11 Bryden, John Johnston  1820Massachusetts, USA I5688
12 Bryden, Lerner W.  13 Jan 1916Massachusetts, USA I12570
13 Bryden, Dr. Mark Phillip  14 Nov 1934Massachusetts, USA I7918
14 Bryden, Richard Hemeon  2 Mar 1907Massachusetts, USA I6216
15 Bullerwell, Doris J.  1928Massachusetts, USA I8644
16 Castorline, William Henry  Mar 1838Massachusetts, USA I6408
17 Currivan, Loretta Josephine  1932Massachusetts, USA I15330
18 Durfee, John Reed  Jan 1804Massachusetts, USA I11315
19 Fallon, John  1872Massachusetts, USA I15027
20 Ferguson, William F.  1819Massachusetts, USA I8582
21 Hastings, Virginia  2 May 1908Massachusetts, USA I14977
22 Hathaway, Russell  12 Sep 1790Massachusetts, USA I7360
23 Hathaway, Russell Jr.  1876Massachusetts, USA I7362
24 Hinton, Michelle L.  27 Aug 1961Massachusetts, USA I4202
25 Ketchum, Ann Eliza  13 Sep 1831Massachusetts, USA I7630
26 McCrillis, Millard  1874Massachusetts, USA I11748
27 McLellan, Alyce M.  17 Jan 1914Massachusetts, USA I12451
28 Niles, Margaret Marie  23 Feb 1916Massachusetts, USA I11195
29 Pixley, Maria Electa  6 Jan 1821Massachusetts, USA I9792
30 Randall, Minerva  Massachusetts, USA I12197

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartram, Helen N.  20 Sep 1942Massachusetts, USA I13042
2 Bryden, Norman Monteith  1934Massachusetts, USA I7193
3 Burbank, Bessie Gage  12 Feb 1945Massachusetts, USA I7195
4 Currivan, Jean Marie  9 Dec 2013Massachusetts, USA I15331
5 Currivan, Loretta Josephine  16 Nov 2019Massachusetts, USA I15330
6 Doten, William Leslie  9 May 1964Massachusetts, USA I10949
7 Gould, Jesse  1 Mar 1950Massachusetts, USA I6424
8 Kelley, Arnold Thomas  10 Oct 2005Massachusetts, USA I9306
9 Ledgerwood, James B.  28 May 1935Massachusetts, USA I1024
10 Ledgerwood, Kenneth Bryden  10 Jan 2000Massachusetts, USA I1022
11 Owen, Llewelyn  27 Jun 1963Massachusetts, USA I11735
12 Smietana, Stanislaw  Aug 1973Massachusetts, USA I10785


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Christopher H.  1853Massachusetts, USA I5639
2 Bryden, Lillian Rose  1936Massachusetts, USA I9465
3 Dorrington, Edward Noel  1935Massachusetts, USA I1230


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Annis, Elisha Gardner  1877Massachusetts, USA I7613
2 Atkins, Ann  1870Massachusetts, USA I11481
3 Babb, Joseph  1870Massachusetts, USA I8403
4 Bryden, Agnes Taylor  1870Massachusetts, USA I7385
5 Bryden, Anna Freeman  1870Massachusetts, USA I7190
6 Bryden, Christopher Henry  1870Massachusetts, USA I7389
7 Bryden, Christopher Henry  1870Massachusetts, USA I7375
8 Bryden, Ebenezer  1870Massachusetts, USA I7184
9 Bryden, Edward McVicker  1870Massachusetts, USA I6172
10 Bryden, Elizabeth Putnam  1870Massachusetts, USA I7186
11 Bryden, Emeline  1870Massachusetts, USA I7187
12 Bryden, Esther A.  1870Massachusetts, USA I7188
13 Bryden, Margaret Inman  1870Massachusetts, USA I7387
14 Bryden, Mary Alida  1870Massachusetts, USA I6171
15 Bryden, Matilda  1870Massachusetts, USA I5690
16 Bryden, Richard Avery  1870Massachusetts, USA I6173
17 Bryden, Richard Bartholomew Mulhall  1870Massachusetts, USA I7610
18 Bryden, William Sutherland  1870Massachusetts, USA I7189
19 Duncan, Jannette Wilson  1870Massachusetts, USA I7376
20 Elms, Helen Gerra  1865Massachusetts, USA I6137
21 Fosgate, Roger D.  2008Massachusetts, USA I13615
22 Hall, Gilbert Charles  1941Massachusetts, USA I8670
23 Hathaway, Russell  1870Massachusetts, USA I7360
24 Hubbard, Hannah J.  1870Massachusetts, USA I8404
25 McKeil, Elizabeth  1870Massachusetts, USA I7185
26 Park, Mary Elizabeth  1870Massachusetts, USA I8110
27 Terry, Rhoda  1870Massachusetts, USA I7361
28 Warner, Ralph  1870Massachusetts, USA I5691
29 Warren, Charles Amos  1865Massachusetts, USA I6105