The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

London, Middlesex, England



Location : Latitude: 51.5001524, Longitude: -0.1262362


'Decorative features, Hunter Street Health Centre'
"Decorative features, Hunter Street Health Centre"
"Built late 19th century to the designs of architect John McKean Brydon as the London School of Medicine for Women."

London, England
London, England
"Bank of England (left) and Royal Exchange (right), London, England"
Detroit Publishing Co. , publisher
London, England
London, England
"Shepherd Market, Mayfair-London"
Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection, P11814


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acton, Grace Edith  11 Aug 1895London, Middlesex, England I9523
2 Anderson, Jane Bruce  1868London, Middlesex, England I4729
3 Bryden, Norah Eleanor Gladys  16 Sep 1887London, Middlesex, England I11556
4 Bryden, William Alexander C.  1874London, Middlesex, England I11557
5 Brydon, Charles  21 Feb 1888London, Middlesex, England I7265
6 Brydon, Douglas  1895London, Middlesex, England I9571
7 Brydon, Herbert Boyd  27 Feb 1871London, Middlesex, England I3189
8 Brydon, James Start  Aug 1885London, Middlesex, England I3577
9 Brydon, Katie  1894London, Middlesex, England I9570
10 Brydon, Lindsey  21 Nov 1891London, Middlesex, England I9569
11 Brydon, Robert Wawn  31 Mar 1943London, Middlesex, England I3708
12 Dunlop, Robert Brydon  1871London, Middlesex, England I3325
13 Hall, Mary Ann Charlotte  May 1869London, Middlesex, England I10346
14 Henderson, Lydia Janet  7 Oct 1843London, Middlesex, England I3191
15 Holwell, Abraham Charles  24 Oct 1826London, Middlesex, England I11150
16 Hunt, Rev. Herbert James  26 Aug 1885London, Middlesex, England I5200
17 King, William Thomas  1899London, Middlesex, England I9859
18 Knox, Harriet Louisa  1846London, Middlesex, England I3798
19 Mclachlan, Lydia Agnes  10 Dec 1900London, Middlesex, England I15351
20 O'hara, Finn  17 OctLondon, Middlesex, England I437
21 Palmer, James  13 Feb 1821London, Middlesex, England I2266
22 Parker, Annie Eileen  14 Dec 1907London, Middlesex, England I13672
23 Parker, Bernard Stuart  22 Oct 1910London, Middlesex, England I13673
24 Parker, Catherine Margaret  1906London, Middlesex, England I13671
25 Reid, Catherine Balfour  8 Apr 1841London, Middlesex, England I7922
26 Shackleford, Arthur George  Jun 1849London, Middlesex, England I8683
27 Smith, Albert George  6 Mar 1869London, Middlesex, England I10345
28 Smith, Albert William Edwin  25 Apr 1893London, Middlesex, England I10106
29 Tyson, Catherine Ethel  1889London, Middlesex, England I13287
30 Weltch, Yvonne  London, Middlesex, England I166

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Mann, Janet  8 Aug 1802London, Middlesex, England I9112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bertram, Stirling Aimers  28 Jul 1917London, Middlesex, England I1095
2 Bryden, Alexander Brooke  10 Apr 1935London, Middlesex, England I15709
3 Brydon, Amelia Grace  1903London, Middlesex, England I9313
4 Hogg, Margaret Lydia  28 Feb 1847London, Middlesex, England I5407
5 Marshall, Hugh  10 Nov 1892London, Middlesex, England I9582
6 McConachie, George Rankin  22 Jun 1917London, Middlesex, England I956
7 Parker, Bernard Stuart  Aug 1990London, Middlesex, England I13673


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Agnes  1871London, Middlesex, England I3324
2 Brydon, Amelia Grace  1891London, Middlesex, England I9313
3 Brydon, Amelia Grace  1901London, Middlesex, England I9313
4 Brydon, David George  1891London, Middlesex, England I3353
5 Brydon, Edens  1901London, Middlesex, England I8000
6 Brydon, Elsie Norah  1914London, Middlesex, England I8471
7 Brydon, Elsie Norah  1920London, Middlesex, England I8471
8 Brydon, Herbert Boyd  1881London, Middlesex, England I3189
9 Brydon, Hugh  1901London, Middlesex, England I3579
10 Brydon, Isabella  1901London, Middlesex, England I7998
11 Brydon, James McLaren  1901London, Middlesex, England I3572
12 Brydon, James McLaren  1910London, Middlesex, England I3572
13 Brydon, James McLaren  1911London, Middlesex, England I3572
14 Brydon, James Sinclair  1901London, Middlesex, England I10977
15 Brydon, James Sinclair  1915London, Middlesex, England I10977
16 Brydon, John McKean  1881London, Middlesex, England I3190
17 Brydon, Lydia Janet  1881London, Middlesex, England I2951
18 Brydon, Margaret Emma  1901London, Middlesex, England I9054
19 Brydon, May  1901London, Middlesex, England I9315
20 Brydon, Maj. Walter D. S. O.  1901London, Middlesex, England I7999
21 Brydon, William Walter  1901London, Middlesex, England I3768
22 Dunlop, Robert Brydon  1871London, Middlesex, England I3325
23 Dunlop, William  1871London, Middlesex, England I3323
24 Marshall, Jenny Hay  1901London, Middlesex, England I7997
25 Start, Sarah  1891London, Middlesex, England I4974
26 Struthers, George Muirhead  1870London, Middlesex, England I12297
27 Watson, Charlotte  1847London, Middlesex, England I2559


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brydon / Vinden  12 Oct 1816London, Middlesex, England F3843
2 Brydone-Jack / Ryan  18 Oct 1918London, Middlesex, England F3231
3 Dunn / Brydon  26 Oct 1857London, Middlesex, England F4289
4 Patchett / Huffer  1902London, Middlesex, England F4747
5 Rendell / Brydone-Jack  1923London, Middlesex, England F3307