The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Quebec, Canada



State/Province : Latitude: 47.517200697839414, Longitude: -74.8828125


Canadian Provinces
Canadian Provinces (8)
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Annie Florence  13 Oct 1870Quebec, Canada I7619
2 Armstrong, Lucy Amanda  29 May 1857Quebec, Canada I5328
3 Bryden, Albert John  30 Apr 1878Quebec, Canada I5216
4 Bryden, George  30 Dec 1867Quebec, Canada I4987
5 Bryden, George  17 Jan 1874Quebec, Canada I5268
6 Bryden, Sarah  8 May 1872Quebec, Canada I5214
7 Bryden, William  11 Feb 1832Quebec, Canada I2903
8 Brydon  Quebec, Canada I9160
9 Campbell, Robert James  Sep 1878Quebec, Canada I10155
10 Douglas, John B.  3 Jun 1831Quebec, Canada I4993
11 Dousomb, Mary Louise  1822Quebec, Canada I10693
12 Legare, Yvonne  1888Quebec, Canada I12738
13 Logan, Mary Gladys  1921Quebec, Canada I988
14 Manseau, Zephiniah  7 Feb 1829Quebec, Canada I9735
15 McChesney, Sarah Ann  19 May 1845Quebec, Canada I3663
16 McIntyre, Murray  Sep 1910Quebec, Canada I1252
17 McKelvie, John William  Quebec, Canada I2561
18 Ogden, Charles  1827Quebec, Canada I9670
19 Ogden, Isabella E.  19 Jan 1880Quebec, Canada I5701
20 Ogden, Mary  17 Oct 1881Quebec, Canada I5702
21 Reed, Alma Elmira  4 Sep 1865Quebec, Canada I7646
22 Selkirk, Agnes  3 Feb 1846Quebec, Canada I5213
23 Taylor, Edna Elizabeth  Jul 1882Quebec, Canada I10156
24 Thatcher, Alice Gertrude  3 Aug 1891Quebec, Canada I5273
25 Turcot, Marc Rene  1916Quebec, Canada I5287
26 Turcot, Dr. Rene  1888Quebec, Canada I9074
27 Weatherston, Isabella  Jul 1832Quebec, Canada I3559


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryden, Walter  23 Sep 1869Quebec, Canada I4988
2 Fraser, John  12 Sep 1893Quebec, Canada I10793
3 McCarthy, Ivan Agar  1978Quebec, Canada I2509