The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Michigan, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 43.88205730390537, Longitude: -84.7705078125


Greetings from Michigan
Greetings from Michigan
State Flower : Apple Blossom
"I want to go Back to Michigan" by Irving Berlin
CREATED/PUBLISHED:New York, New York, Waterson, Berlin & Snyder


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp, Donald K.  4 Jun 1928Michigan, USA I9072
2 Beauchamp, Grace Arvilla  10 Oct 1929Michigan, USA I9071
3 Beauchamp, Kenneth  1906Michigan, USA I9068
4 Bryden, Florence I.  1903Michigan, USA I6321
5 Bryden, Frank Alexander  10 Dec 1921Michigan, USA I9007
6 Bryden, John James  18 Apr 1906Michigan, USA I11073
7 Bryden, Phoebe M.  29 Jul 1901Michigan, USA I1646
8 Bryden, Walter Frank  25 Mar 1920Michigan, USA I9006
9 Bryden, Wayne Robert  9 Mar 1928Michigan, USA I11091
10 Brydon, Arthur  1887Michigan, USA I8742
11 Brydon, Emma Alferetta  Feb 1880Michigan, USA I2560
12 Brydon, Melvin Anthony  29 Oct 1932Michigan, USA I6862
13 Brydon, Merrill H. Jr.  8 Sep 1922Michigan, USA I5759
14 Brydon, Rev. Robert Jay  29 Aug 1924Michigan, USA I5755
15 Brydon, Royal  1894Michigan, USA I8748
16 Bull, Harry Porter  13 May 1876Michigan, USA I6194
17 Carper, Clara Jane  1869Michigan, USA I13240
18 Corlett, Katie Louisa  1873Michigan, USA I7585
19 Cox, Carrie Belle  Apr 1878Michigan, USA I8422
20 Fleming, Robert Stewart  4 Jun 1927Michigan, USA I921
21 Fleming, William Gordon  1929Michigan, USA I922
22 Fountain, Virginia Jane  13 Jul 1922Michigan, USA I9070
23 Hatzenbuhler, Bruno  12 Feb 1867Michigan, USA I5667
24 Hatzenbuhler, Grayce  1904Michigan, USA I5670
25 Hiscock, Jessie  1906Michigan, USA I9948
26 Jones, Euphemia Elsie  19 Feb 1878Michigan, USA I6977
27 Kratz, Arthur F.  1907Michigan, USA I10426
28 Kurrle, Genevieve Mae  9 Sep 1904Michigan, USA I3738
29 Lindenman, Beatrice  1908Michigan, USA I10427
30 Lisch, Charles H. Jr.  11 Jan 1908Michigan, USA I8058

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Foerst, Rodger J.  Mar 1969Michigan, USA I11086
2 Hackleman, Betty Louise  29 Mar 2010Michigan, USA I10425
3 McLean, Lorne  12 May 1982Michigan, USA I597
4 McLuckie, Robert  2 May 1912Michigan, USA I5498
5 Netting, Merrill J.  24 Feb 1997Michigan, USA I9949
6 Nycz, Stephanie Mary  2 Jan 1999Michigan, USA I6395
7 Striker, Elisha Wellington  24 Jun 1882Michigan, USA I470
8 White, Marion Elma  7 Apr 1974Michigan, USA I2826
9 Wolcott, Lloyd Paul  1 May 2013Michigan, USA I6682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Emma Alferetta  1880Michigan, USA I2560
2 Buechle, Rosa  1870Michigan, USA I5669
3 Elliott, Thomas  1870Michigan, USA I7636
4 Gorham, Allen  1870Michigan, USA I7629
5 Hatzenbuhler, John  1870Michigan, USA I5668
6 Ketchum, Ann Eliza  1870Michigan, USA I7630
7 Parady, Peter  1870Michigan, USA I10058
8 Wilcox, Ransom Bradley  1870Michigan, USA I2832