The Brydons

Scotland to Canada

Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland



City/Town : Latitude: 55.8656274, Longitude: -4.2572227


Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
"St. Enoch's Station, Glasgow, Scotland"
Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow University


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elizabeth  1810Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3510
2 Baillie, Hugh  28 Dec 1893Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2774
3 Bannatyne, Violet Naismith  11 Dec 1884Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6940
4 Bryden, Gilbert  Nov 1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7320
5 Bryden, John Irving  15 Dec 1893Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7317
6 Bryden, Margaret  28 Aug 1874Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3352
7 Bryden, Robert Henry  1 Sep 1874Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6749
8 Bryden, Thomas  10 Apr 1863Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I12388
9 Brydon, Mary Morton  23 Sep 1902Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2778
10 Brydon, Thomas Brotherston  21 Dec 1887Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3101
11 Brydon, William  11 Nov 1862Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3590
12 Davidson, Helen  Feb 1875Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4455
13 Dow, Margaret Barr Graham Barclay  6 May 1858Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2783
14 Dunlop, James Sibbet  1 Oct 1882Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3326
15 Dunlop, William Brydon  7 Sep 1878Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6405
16 Gibson, George  Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6347
17 Granger, Robert Thomas Fleming  25 Apr 1858Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2782
18 Kirkwood, Bethia  17 Nov 1873Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I8705
19 Mcgeachy, Agnes  Abt 1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6750
20 Payler, Lillias  13 Apr 1798Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I11773
21 Richardson, John Bryden  27 Sep 1861Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1003
22 Russell, Agnes  1807Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6414
23 Scott, Allan Ramsay  1904Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I10030
24 Scott, Eleana Frances Beaumont  18 Jan 1892Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I10029
25 Scott, Robert  27 Aug 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I10035
26 Scott, Thomas Bryden  20 Mar 1895Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I10028
27 Sinclair, Anne Watts  Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1527
28 Slater, Ann  1816Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I9608
29 Wallace, Janet  1822Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1172
30 Watt, James  10 Mar 1831Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3297

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Balmer, Isabella Law  13 Sep 1956Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3217
2 Brownlee, Ann  4 Feb 1876Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I9702
3 Bryden, Agnes  1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7123
4 Bryden, William  8 May 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I9437
5 Kerr, Margaret McCrae  8 Jul 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brydon, James  1871Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4598
2 Brydon, James Renwick  1902Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2779
3 Brydon, Robert  1918Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6673
4 Hamilton, Annie Morton  1902Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2780
5 McKean, Jane  1871Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4597
6 Wilson, Robert  Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I964


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bannatyne / Naismith  6 Dec 1878Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F2319
2 Wallace / Rennie  4 Feb 1859Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F2671