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Scotland to Canada


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Section Number:19
Township Number:16
Range Number:23
Meridian Number:3W
Municipality:L I Dist 813 
Grieve, Elizabeth Turnbull (I3569)
She is living with daughter Jennette's family. 
Yule, Agnes (I65)
She was a the daughter of Anthony George Forbes M.D., late of Island St. Christopher. 
Forbes, Mary Ann Elizabeth (I7110)
The whole family was in Cumberland Kentucky in 1935.
5 kids, the youngest two born in Kentucky, the rest in Washington. 
Kurrle, Genevieve Mae (I3738)
The whole family was in Cumberland Kentucky in 1935. 
Wisdom, Irene Winnifred (I3734)
They're living at 75 Dawson St. 
Algie, Dr. James (I1166)
Township 19 in range 3 west of the 2nd meridian. 
Campbell, Cecil James (I9516)
William Briden, 22 and Alexander Briden, 17 live in the household. 
Kaufman, Lucy E. (I1406)
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brydon, Jereleen (I1471)
70 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brydon, Thomas Bertram (I189)
71 " Robert, Jr., was born and raised on the "Paisley Block" homestead. In 1868 he purchased 100 acres of land, lot 21, con. 4, Eramosa, where he has since resided. He md. Mary Luttrell. Issue : Robert J. ,Alexander, Harriet, Helen, Adelaide, Janet and Margaret. His farm and improvements are of the best, the result of the energy and thrift of himself and his family. While he has never sought or held municipal office, Robert Brydon Jr., is a leading man in the community. The family are active in the Presbyterian Church. The members of the Brydon family keep up the traditions of their father in good citizenship, and are successful and substantial farmers." Brydon, Robert (I1450)
72 "In failing health for the past year, Mrs, Beulah B. Pease, 79, died yesterday afternoon at her residence of the last four years, 651 Clinton street. She formerly lived in San Francisco. Mrs. Pease leaves her husband, Edward and a daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Chamber- Jin of San Francisco, services will be held at the chapel of .James Crowe company, here tomorrow afternoon at... Interment will be private."

San Mateo Times, 19 March 1935 
Bryden, Beulah V. (I11745)
73 "The Shetlanders come nearer to the English than to the Scotch in figure and features, and even in the colour of their hair, which is rarely either black or violently red, and most commonly of a brownish yellow."

The features and expression of countenance of this people could not be better described than in the words of an accomplished Shetland clergyman, the late Rev. John Bryden of Sandsting, who says? "They are of middle stature and well proportioned, having brown or yellow hair; their features are rather small than otherwise, and without that harshness which is characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon descent."

A mischievous hobgoblin, similar to or identical with the Water-Kelpie, is thus described by the Rev. Mr. Brydon of Sandsting, in his account of Shetland superstitions:
" There is a 'trow' (a kind of spirit) called a Neogle, somewhat akin to the water-kelpie of other lands, who makes his appearance about mills, particularly when grinding, in the shape of a beautiful pony. That he may attract the attention of the person who acts the part of miller, he seizes and holds fast the wheel of the mill; and, as is natural, the miller goes out to examine into the cause of the stoppage, when, to his astonishment, a beautiful pony, saddled and bridled, is standing, and ready to be mounted. Who but an old miller could let slip such a fair opportunity for a ride? But if he should neglect warnings, and unguardedly put his foot in the stirrup, his fate is sealed. Neither bit nor bridle avail him anything. Off goes the pony, bog or bank arrest not his course, till in the deep sea he throws his rider, and himself vanishes in a flash of flame. But some millers are proof against the temptation, having been taught caution by the fate of others; and, instead of taking a ride, salute his Neogleship with a fiery brand through the lightning-tree hole, which makes him immediately scamper away." From the supposed diabolical practices of this hobgoblin, may have arisen the saying concerning a doubtful person, " He is not to ride the water on."

-- source: ILLUSTRATIONS OF SCOTTISH LIFE. by Rev. Dr. Rogers, page 213-214 -- 
Bryden, Rev. John Glendenning (I7102)
74 - from his brother Francis' obit Brydon, George (I1452)
75 2 mo old Bryden, Minnie (I7832)
76 225 Canongate.
Rag and stone warehouse, 
Bryden, John (I11901)
77 27 Township 15 in ranges 2 Arthur, John Thomas (I7266)
78 3,141 Canadian women volunteered to join the war effort for Canada. Most of these single women were high school graduates and carried nursing diplomas. An average age of 24 years old, many were sent overseas to areas such as Britain, France, Egypt and Greece.
Under the Canadian military, the women were given the rank of Lieutenant. They were given the title of Nursing Sisters, similar in name only to the religious
nurses' title. As Lieutenants, the women received generous pay and vacations. Of the 3141 nurses 46 died.

for more read

She was mentioned in despatches ...
Supplement to the London Gaztte Dec 28 1917
CANADIAN ARMY MEDICAL CORPS. Nursing Service. Brydon, Nursing Sister Miss H.

Other references to her...
August 13, 1915 From: Mary McNaughton, NURSING SISTER ENJOYS RIDE ON CAMELS
A nurse from this district who is at Cairo with Queen's Stationary Hospital writes an interesting letter to friends in which she says: Captain Towers is one of our medical officers. He chaperoned Miss Brydon, Miss Armstrong and I out to the pyramids the other day. Of course we had a camel to take us around when we got there, and it was great fun getting on and off. We had our picture taken in front of the sphinx. They are very good but we only got two each as they are quite a large size....

The Canadian Nurse vol.34, May 1938 ( )
"Miss Harriet Brydon has been admitted as nurse-in-charge at Digby."

The Canadian Nurse vol.38, no. 2, Feb.1942 ( )
Victorian Order of Nurses: Miss Reta Myers has been transferred from the Halifax staff to take charge of the branch in Digby, replacing Miss Harriet Brydon who has resigned. 
Brydon, Harriet R. N. (I1565)
79 4 entries later in the census is James Algie (i1296) and Annie Aitcheson family. Brydon, Christiana (I1455)
80 A good baseball pitcher in his youth. He was a prospector living in Cobalt, Ontario at the time of his marriage to Fan.
He caught but survived the flu of 1918. Fan, however, died of it.

He was president of the Brampton Excelsiors lacrosse team. He became president then Chairman of the Board of Dale Estate. 
Beatty, William Alexander (I132)
81 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Romberger, Kathryn Brydon (I1606)
82 a widowed Jane Brydon, 49, born in Ireland, dau. Margaret, 23, clerk in a lab, born in Canada and son James, 21, a plumber, born in Canada. Parkhill, Jane (I5783)
83 A William Laidlaw and Bessie Scott had a son, Robert and daughter, Margaret. Robert married Elizabeth Biggar and had a son, James Laidlaw. Margaret married Robert Hogg and had James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd.
There is an extensive genealogy of the children of Margaret and Robert Hogg in The Scottish Genealogist, the quarterly journal of the Scottish Genealogical Society, Vol. XII, No. 4, Febuary, 1966, and Vol. XIII, Nos. 3 and 4, December, 1966. It is called "American Links with the Ettrick Shepherd."

Concerning Scottish descendants of James and his brother, William Hogg, the two who stayed in Scotland, their children seem to have died without issue, or records of their descenants maybe lost?. William, 1803-1888, married Mary Beattie, daughter of the Ettrick Parish school teacher, and had Margaret, b. 4th May, 1800, Robert, who worked for Edinburgh publishers and as an amanuensis to Sir Walter Scott (taking dictation, etc, but seems not to have married, and William, 1803-1888, m. Christian Lawrie and had Robert. Nothing more is said of Robert in the articles.
-from The Hogg Forum 
Beattie, Mary (I5410)
84 according to his brother George's ww1 attestion paper Brydon, Lewis Caldwell (I1668)
85 Address: 8 Queens Place.
She's a nurserymaid. 
Brydon, Isabella (I8156)
86 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brydon, Patricia Dianne (I1549)
87 an illness of one week Edgar, Jennie Blanche (I10487)
88 Anne worked as assistant to cookbook editor Jane Benet, The San Francisco Chronicle in the 1960's.
1968 Graduate Le Cordon Bleu Paris - France.

"She was a great Mom, and the best cook in the world. She was always the boss in the kitchen. She had a huge collection of angels and bunnies. She had many friends and was loved very much. She will be missed."

She is buried at 2 locations: Pacific View Memorial Park, Newport Beach, Ca. near her parents, Robert Burton Romberger and Kathryn Brydon Romberger in the Magnolia Court Section -and- in Westwood Cemetery, Westwood, Ca. (Los Angeles) Private locked estates section. Passed away due to multiple complications, including Renal (Kidney) failure.

At that site there's also some photos.

She married Jean Luc Alfred Devulder March 1969, San Francisco. 
Romberger, Anne Brydon (I1575)
89 At the outbreak of the War, he was living with his family near Napanee. Occupation, teamster. He had two years of training with the militia (30th Regiment). Enlisted July, 1915. Served overseas with the Royal Canadian Regiment and saw action in France at the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchaendale and Amiens, where he was wounded. #455104 McConachie, Francis James (I957)
90 At the time of his marriage. He's a druggist. Brydon, Robert K. (I3521)

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