The Brydons

Scotland to Canada


Matches 15,601 to 15,630 of 17,277

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15601 she's single. Brydone, Mary (I2334)
15602 She's single. Flarity, Susan Catherine (I2430)
15603 She's single. Bryden, Mabel (I3877)
15604 She's single. Bryden, Jane B. (I4082)
15605 She's single. Bryden, Marion Damon (I5546)
15606 She's single. Brydon, Ella (I5909)
15607 She's single. McMurtrie, Ann Couper (I6164)
15608 She's single. Fletcher, Margaret (I7464)
15609 She's single. Brydon, Edna Jane (I7952)
15610 She's single. McCutcheon, Ann Jane (I8012)
15611 She's single. Land, Anna Frances (I10275)
15612 She's single. Brydon, Jessie Burnett (I1667)
15613 She's single. Bryden, Florence I. (I6321)
15614 She's single. Bryden, Esther A. (I7188)
15615 She's single. Address Hullea, Knob Hill (perhaps a street) Brydon, Margaret B. (I1671)
15616 She's single. Living in house with older brother Andrew and sister Anna. McMurtrie, Agnes Bryden (I6166)
15617 She's single. Living with her two brothers. Bryden, Mabel (I3877)
15618 She's single; living in Muskoka with her uncle, Peter McNeill, farmer. Brydon, Margaret Helen (I2189)
15619 She's six months old. Scott, Esther Laidlaw (I10504)
15620 She's staying in the same boarding house as her mother.
She's a cook. 
Bryden, Nancy P. (I8863)
15621 She's staying with her aunt, Emma Snooks Johnson. Brydon, Emma Alferetta (I2560)
15622 She's staying with her grandparents. Bryden, Isabel (I9495)
15623 She's staying with her sister Helen's family. Bryden, Jane (I9384)
15624 She's staying with her widowed grandmother. Brydon, Hattie Elliott (I1700)
15625 She's ten months old. Ward, Fanny Emma (I6350)
15626 She's the mother of 9 children, 7 living. Reid, Esther (I3245)
15627 She's the mother of two children, both living. (from a previous marriage?) Moore, Charlotta E. (I3591)
15628 She's the proprietor of a grocery store. Widowed, two children at home. Montieth, Esther Bryden (I1391)
15629 She's unemployed. Brydon, Isabella Inglis (I13419)
15630 She's unmarried, a servant in Thomas Aimers household. Bennet, Elizabeth (I1104)

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