Uncle Ted's Diary

 Ted Brydon
Thanks to my aunt Dale Sivell for many photos and stories, to Don Beatty and Dorothy Beatty for help putting names to faces in pictures plus more stories and also Brydon Brown for copies of Ted's letters written from overseas to his sister, Brydon's mom, my aunt Kate Brown.



Ted's great-grandfather Edward Dale, an immigrant from England, established a flower nursery in Brampton in 1863. The nursery became the town's largest employer and established a global export market for its products. At its height, the company's 140 greenhouses made it the largest cut flower business in North America.

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Ted: self portrait
Ted: self portrait

The photos

The photos included with the text are his, taken with a small camera that produced square negatives between 16 and 35mm in size.

Wet, no sno. Show on New Years Eve: 'Live, Love, and Leave'. Everybody drunk. Didn't go out before dinner. Drove Dad to farm. Saw show: 'Brigham Young'. My beard is week old.

I weigh 164. I'm growing mustache. I shaved beard. Put Dad's license plates on. In afternoon whent out shooting. Jack Garbutt shot mouse. To dance in Meadowvale in old clothes with Chicken, Chink, Sen and Pat. Home at 11.

'Chink': "His real name is Bill McCullough. His Dad had the McCullough Planing Mill in Brampton and he was a friend of Howards." Bet Taylor Smith: Dec. 2008

Drove Mom to see Aunt Sally at Georgetown. Had Sunday in Lantern; after supper whent to show 'Night Train to Munich'. I came straight home after.

[The 3 is Ted keeping a count of something probably the movies he sees. The asterisk is another counting.]

Went shooting with Jack, Caroline, Ethel and Gwen. Then downtown to Walkers. Whent out in car, at first 10, then Ethel and me, Ted and Caroline, Ross and Bet. Ross sleeping in cellar all night.

I whent to church. In afternoon went skiing to Caledon with Pat, Jack, Ed and Gus. It snowed all night. I broke point off my ski. I bummed around after supper at Wallers and Billingsley

Started back to school today. Hard getting up at eight instead of 11:30. After four whent skiing to Snelgrove (no good). I went to Whirts after supper and show, 'Dr. Kildare Goes Home'.

To school. Didn't have my homework done. Came home after four, looking at airplanes through telescope from attic, and a bit of homework. I am tired so going to bed early, 7:15.

To school. Had to do homework in hurry. Late for assembly. New pupil Dory Richards. Went to show 'Night at Earl Carrolls' and ' World on Fire'

Homework in morning. Delivered wood at noon. Afternoon in car. Down at rink at school watching people skate. Bet Nixon sitting in car with me.

School at 1 o'clock. Basketball at Port Credit. We won 33/27. I went to see Mr. McMullin's class. Skating at nite. Ed Robinson came up for ping pong. 5:1 me.

Took Robin to school. To golf links in afternoon with Ken. Beat Ted R. In ping pong 14 out of 16. Then went skiing to links at 1am.

I didn't go to church. Down to golf links in afternoon, no good. Mum was down. Police have new cruisers. Went to bed at ten.

Little colder. School, I was late ten minutes in the morning. One hour after four. Tried to do homework. Went to show 'North West Mounted Police' it was good.

This morning -20 below. It was really cold this morning and bright and clear. My Latin homework come easier tonight. Stayed in for Miss Scot.

Not as cold. School had an assembly today. Got a letter from Chris. She has moved to Grafton. (But where the heck is Grafton???)

About 32F. Didn't do anything of importance in day. To-night went with Dad to wrestling match at Maple Leaf Gardens (It was smart).

Ice, now slush. Rained and freezed. School, no basketball, team couldn't get here because of roads. I went to show 'Argentine Way'. Ed Robinson came played 23 ping pong. I won 14.

Thawing. Had bath in morning. Bummed around afternoon doing model car with Ed Robinson. Sat up all night to make it. Doesn't work.

Strike Up The Band
Strike Up The Band
Strike Up The Band

Ted saw a lot of movies. He worked for a while as an usher at the Odeon theatre.

Here's a poster gallery of the movies Ted saw...

See all the posters

Freezin, about 20. Ed went at six o'clock, I whent to bed at quarter to eight, up at ten, got a haircut. Drove dad out in country. Sat in house all day.

Cold. 0 at night. School, home after four. Whent to show 'Strike up the Band'. It was real good.

Pretty cold.. To school, did homework after four. Juveniles were practicing. I was no good so went skating in Rosebowl.

Thawing. Went to school. I am pretty tired. Whent to bed at quarter to seven.

Cold again. Dad was at hanging at 1am. Getting along better in French and Latin. I went to show 'Quarterback'. It was good.

[Gordon Ross Matthew was hanged for the murder of his wife]

Cold and icy. School, after four did nothing Ted and I bought six model planes. We sat up to 1a.m. making them.

model plane posed by the bird bath in back yard

Cold, 15, icy. Up at 8, drove dad out in country, sat in all day making planes, whent skating at night, came home, making models.

Cold, icy. I whent to Church, fooled around with models. Ted bought four more. Pete has some, think I'll get some tomorrow.

Cold. School, I didn't get model, but am making my own out of Air Trails magazine. Just study plans.

School, Ted Robinson came up and I started my plane. It is a Grumman Skyrocket.

Real cold. School, Ted came up again, making airplanes, played ping pong, beat him 5-0. Smart day, clear, bright and cold.

[the * is crossed out with 'no'written beside]

About 25. Ordered parts for plane at Vive's [Vivian's Hardware store], Whent skating for ½ hour. Ted R. came up. Making models and playing ping pong.

Cold. School, basketball game with Etobicoke, 15-15 Junior B won. Ted and I whent to show 'Rangers of Fortune'. It was good.

Mild. Got car. Ted, Dunc Smith and I went down to city, bought [p----] in Eaton's, Ted couldn't get his, saw parade, and 'Hudson's Bay'. Whent skating, down to Vive's, then up to models.

Colder, overcast. Whent to church, drove Mom and Dad over to Aurora, whent to see [------]. Sun came out in afternoon Everybody skiing on hills on way over.

Whent to school, third period was not feeling well, took salts, whent to show 'Second Chorus'.

Cold clear. School, sun was hot but it was cold out. Whent skiing with Pete at eight at night. I fell and hurt my tail bone.

School, Miss Golding away, we have an extra spare. Sat in bathtub for two hours and fixed up my sore back.

Thawing, overcast. School. Layed in the bath tub for a good soaking, got a new pair of shoes, brown pointed.

First day of spring, 249 Main St. N., 1940

Cooler, overcast. School, basketball game at Runnymede. 23-19 for them. Swept floor before dance at school. Out in car with Bette Nixon, Ed, [---]

Windy, cold. Slept into twelve, whent skiing at golf links, wind blowing real strong, big drifts, Ethel and Gwen were in car, R—die and Mary B. Party at Elsie Hall's.

Clear, cold. Whent to church. Drove dad in country, had to shovel drifts, whent skiing Caledon at 4 till 6:30. Black out in town from 8:45 till nine.

Clear, cold but sun was hot. School, talked to M. M. Worting about course, getting out of school at Easter. He says no. Whent to show 'Escape' good, moon was out.

Full moon. Overcast and thawing. School, didn't do much of anything all day. Drove dad out in country. Moon out.

Thawing. School, played fifth form after four, we beat them 26-20. Lost wallet, $3. Down to St. Paul's Church playing basketball. Got shoes.

School. Hanna away so had spare, came straight home , haven't been out all night, its practically hot out.

Hanna Golding was a history teacher at Brampton High School.

Moon Over Burma
Moon Over Burma

School. Thawing out. Game with Port Credit, beat them 32-19. Went to show 'Wyoming', good.

Drove Bill down to city. Drove dad out to farm. Had car after supper, whent to Malton, saw two come in with ---- up.

Sun is hot, whent down to Malton in afternoon, lots of planes, didn't do much all day.

School, Miss Golding still away. Came back at four and drove dad out in country, snowing pretty hard, whent to show 'Moon Over Burma'.

School, new teacher in place of Miss Golding, snowing hard after four, stayed in all night.

School, Miss Gibson away had two spares, whent to show 'Blondie has Servant Trouble', letting mustache go wild.

School, Pattie still away, stayed [---]. 5th and 2nd basketball 5th won 32-24, Whent skating at RoseBowl with Chicken and Pat, had a good time.

School, game at East York, lost 32-19, whent skating at night at Rosebowl, it was good.

Whent shooting with Ken J., 2 +1/2 boxes, some down cellar, whent skating, the red cross dance, had car with Pat + Chick, got home 3am.

Whent church, others whent skiing, cold out but sun is hot, melting snow but 20F., stayed in and made airplane.

Ed Cooper, 1940
Ed Cooper, 1940
Ed Cooper's dad was a secretary
at the Dale Estate: Don Beatty

School. Interform game after four. We beat 2c 25-20 whent to show 'Comrade X', it was darn good.(funny)

School, sun melts snow in places, stayed in did a bit of Grumman Skyrocket.

School, Interform game 4th, beat them 42-15, Whent skating at Rosebowl, ice had big cracks (no good), stayed 10 min.

School, watch 3rd form girls play after four, came home worked on model plane.

School, game at Etobicoke, lost 37-25, Ed Robinson quit school, whent to show, 'Flight Command'.

Not a cloud in the sky. Whent over at farm in afternoon with Ken, Bet J. and Et. Took shotgun but didn't see anything.

No wind, whent to church and Sunday school then drive down to Port Credit with [---] Robin, Dave, Et and Judy. Back 8:30.

School, Miss Gibson back. Ed Robinson started to work in Dale's office. I stayed in Monday night (model plane).

Gwen Thompson, about 1940
Gwen Thompson

School, stayed for dinner at school, played basketball after four against 2B, beat them 40-21. Stayed in at night.

School, East York came and played, they won by [he didn't write the score]. Whent to show, 'Great McGinty'. It was good.

School, Fifth form beat fourth, 17-15. Now we have to play fifth in finals. Stayed in all night, prepare for debate.

School, Chick and I won the debate, Runnymede beat us 24-19. Whent to show, saw 'Mark of Zorro'. Three army trucks in town.

P.M. whent to city with [---], with George & Mary, stayed at Thompson's for supper, took them to see 'Western Union' then came out on train at 12.

Whent to church, sat up on roof in afternoon, got a bit red, no burn, stayed in at night to look over exam for to-morrow.

Johnny Patterson
Johnny Patterson

Whent to school, exam in afternoon, all snow is melting. Fourth beat 2C basketball. Saw 'Love Thy Neighbour'.

School, lots of snow at noon, heaviest snow of year, stayed in all night. Sat up till 12.

School, fifth beat 2B, Ed came up, we fooled around. Moon out, clear, not cold, its a darn smart night.

School, couldn't get tickets for Dante[?], had car, parked it down town, bummed around with Ed. Down at St. Paul's Church.

School, [---] our basketball game after four at school, basketball at Grace and at St. Paul's basketball game. Smart night out.

Drove dad out in country and down to city with Robin, took Bob to show 'Cisco' and 'Sailors Lady'. Ed and I down at Thompson's with Bill. Came out at twelve (no fun).

Thawing out, down to Jarvis with Kate, Mom and Howard. Slept on couch in afternoon, stayed in all night, bed at 9:30.

School, fooled around after four, whent to show with Tom, 'Blackout'. It was darn good. Bill home for good.

School, had practice in basketball, beat fourth 46-22 in first game of the finals, I sat in the bath tub all night.

School, fifth beat second in final game 32-14, have to play four more games. Stayed in all night.

School, played second game of finals beat 4th 37-15, 4 is out, total points 83-37. Got a letter from Gwen, (darn it, she's confoosin').

School, second form was put out by fifth in last semi-final. I went to show with Ed, saw 'Santa Fe Trail', Got 1st brush cut.

Whent to Toronto with Ed in afternoon, bummed around and whent to Thompson's for supper, drove around city all night, home at twelve (no go) I'm through.

Whent to Church, then Bill, Tom and I whent to Fergus to see dam, pretty big. Drove Dad and Mom over to Guelph, and saw Strong's, first seen Elaine for 2 years.

School, played first final basketball against 5th, lost 21-15, play again on Wednesday, whent to show 'Virginia'. It was real darn good.

School, started gun team practice, came home had bath, down to church to wrestle with Norm Summerville, came home early.

School, all snow is pretty near gone, second game with fifth, lost 25-23, they are the champions, stayed in at night. Crick goes up in day down at night.

School, drilling for inspection, I stayed in at night to study for lit. Exam but read Tarzan and Ant men instead.

School, last two periods in morning for drill, stayed for dinner, exam p.m., whent to show 'Knute Rockne', sat up to 3am reading Tarzan.

All wave lengths changed on the radio. Bummed around all day, down to Port Credit to see show, had to go to Broadway myself, 'Haunted Hangman'. Malton at 12, saw DC-3.

Isabel Cornfoot, 1939
Isabel Cornfoot, 1939

Whent to church, whent out to Malton with Mom and Tom, DC-3 is still there, polished buttons on uniform, stayed in all night.

School, awful time getting puttys on, inspection a success, part in road and the rest in the gym, had lots of fun at dance. Marg Baldock. In all night.

School, French exam afternoon, I hope I get 2 on it (I think I failed) Ken Jackson and I went down to Gardens with Al Knoble. Bruins beat Leafs 2-1, Brecko is good.

School, all snow gone except bit in shade at front of house, everything brown no green anywhere. Whent to show 'Long Voyage Home'.

School, hit my knee at school, it swelling up and I can hardly walk. I stayed in after four and studied all night.

School, Latin all morning, Algebra all afternoon. Whent to show 'Santa Fe Marshal' and 'Music in my Heart', still limping, into church to eat.

Stayed in all day, worked a bit on plane, did shopping, dad stalled behind hotel. Tom and I towed it down to Ford station. Leafs lost series.

Whent to church, got another brush cut, washed the car, whent down to Malton, stayed in all night. Robins are singing, heard a song sparrow, all snow gone.

School, can't get our papers back till after holidays but Mrs Cowan told me I failed. Whent to show 'No Time for Comedy'. It was good. Good orchestra short.

Ted Robinson in middle, Gordon Fleming sitting on right. At Brampton High School.
At Brampton High School:
Ted Robinson in middle, Gordon Fleming sitting on right.

School, Steve played our team at basketball, boy is he dirty. I stayed in after four and all night studying for history to-morrow.

School, exam all morning with assembly first period. Right to Ken's after four and at our house after supper to study for chemistry.

School, Chemistry exam afternoon. It was pretty good exam, riding around town on bike after four, down to see B---- about saxophone after supper, bowled a line.

Cleaned front lawn and dug the garden, cruised around in car in afternoon, got suit coat from Doug. Bowled a line, whent to show 'Forty Mothers'. Perfect all week.

Bummed around on bicycle with Ed Cooper, up at Campbell's playing with rugby ball, bowled a line only got 95.

Warmest yet, whent to church, drove dad to [noriso's?], after supper drove him down to Weston Hospital. Rained again a bit at night, really windy

Bummed around, nothing in particular, going to thumb to city p.m. But gave up after an hour, bummed around after supper.

Down to city at nine saw Andy Hardy -------- ----- in swimming YMCA whent to show 'Road to Zanzibar', hitch hiked home , bummed around after supper, bowled two lines.

Hitch-hiking was very common in the 1940s with some cars carrying signs onboard indicating the driver was happy to give a ride to anyone in uniform. from wartimecanada.ca

Bummed around in morning, whent to see 'Gone with the Wind', at night, saw it last May, bummed around after supper, rain all night.

Bummed around, fixed up three bird houses, started taking my bike apart, bowled 173, new ---- at ---. Whent to show 'You're the One', walking with --- .

Got sandals and shoes. Down to city with mom and Libs at 10, whent around with Libs, home for supper, took 4 girls to CGIT in Toronto. Took Gwen to a show 'I See Ice'.

Started taking my bike apart, bowled 181 then 126, took pop bottles back, wandered around town at nite with Ed Robinson.

Church, Uncle Tom and Mick over. Slept to 4 o'clock, drove dad to [Norisco?], bad springholes, worst I've seen, whent to bed at 8:30.

School, didn't get our marks back yet, bowled a line got 135, whent to show 'Tin Pan Alley'.

Elizabeth Brydon, 1939. Ted jumped from the roof of his house to the neighbour's roof (in background). He couldn't get back. Et Dale had to phone the neighbours to open their window an let him in.
Then there was the day when Ted jumped from the roof of his house to the neighbour's roof (in background). He couldn't get back. Et Dale had to phone the neighbours to open their window an let him in.

School, when shooting with Garbutt and 22, I got 3 sparrows, he got 3 sparrows, and crazy nut shot a robin and woodpecker, stayed in nite.

School, Marks not back yet, Assembly, speech by Mr. Gl----, down bowling after supper got 180, 150 then 203.

School, no marks bad till next week, Harry Graham out for farm work. 13 registered in our room. Out shooting after supper with Garbutt.

School, whent up to see Jack Adams at hospital, he had his appendix out on Monday. My bike is all apart down cellar, spokes out too.

Washed car inside and out with shirt off. Pete, Jack and I walked up crick above Ferguson's, with shirts off, boy have I ever got a sunburn I'm radiatin'.

Church, wore new suit, took Et and Bett for ride Port Credit, High Park, Rivers drive all night.

bed after supper School, home after four, Dad is gall darned fool, asked Et and Tom if they would stay in, wouldn't, so I have to. Could have gone to first show but dad said no.

Philadelphia Story
Philadelphia Story
RCAF recruiting poster
RCAF recruiting poster

School, I got one heck of a cold and a burn from Saturday, I whent to the show, 'Philadelphia Story'. Gee it was funny.

Buds are all opening on the trees, things are looking greener, my throat goes dry, singing in the Glee Club. Stayed around house all night.

School. To city with Phil Waite, saw opening baseball game Balt. beat Tor. 8-5. Winnipeg won Junior Hockey last night. Bummed around all night.

Phil Waite's house had a swimming pool: Don Beatty

School, to Port Credit in P.M. to sing in Festival, sung and won 3 pieces. Home to party at School then to show 'Little Nelly Kelly'.

Plant roses by garage, had shirt off, got a bit of a burn, the other peeled. Downtown P.M., after supper show 'Kay Kyser[?] and 'Phantom Strikes'at Port Credit.

Slept in, drove dad to Aurora the farm out driving with trout at night. Last night down to Malton saw 10 T.C.A. and a Grumman amphibian.

Dr. Brydon, 249 Main St. The house in the background is the Peret's on the other side of Main St.
Dr. Brydon, 249 Main St.
In the background is the Peret's house on
the far side of Main St.

hot sun out for a while at four, tractor started work on the field again

School, got marks back, failed in 5 out of 7 subjects and I had thought I had done better, to show 'Arise My Love'. Down to St. Paul's to sing for festival.

School, my request for Sally came over the 'swing session'Bummed around after supper. My bike is still all apart down cellar.

School, Assembly , festival winners performed including glee club, fooled around after four and supper. Opening of Huttonville, Frank dow---- orchestra.

School, down town after four caught in rain, in all night bed early.

School, down town after four. Whent to a show 'Son of Monte Cristo'it was okay.

Fixed Et Dale's bike, down playing hardball at Rosedale in afternoon, Bill came out playing saxophone, started playing ------, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair. Down to Malton at night with Jack and Connie.

Church, mothers day driving with Et, Meadowville, to see farm we might buy, to ----, Huttonville. Et was driving a bit. In all night.

School, --- started to wallpaper the hall, down town after four, writing some of my own music for the sax, Lazybones and I Hear a Rhapsody.

School, in after four and after supper, playing sax all night.

School, Miss Gibson very mad had to write our work out 10 times whent to dance at Huttonville, looked in from 9 to 1:30.

School, I am 17 years old today, got two dollars for birthday, I stay in at night.

School, washing windows after four, to Sunnyside after supper with Et and Bet, I did not spend any money.

Bummed around all morning. Whent on party with trailrangers to -----, form at Bondhead, supper, dancing, home. I took Alice Meridith, in at 12:30, she's lots of fun.

Church, driving around in afternoon with Ken, Georgetown, Huttonville, Malton, saw Stinson Reliant. Homework, ride on bike for a while.

School, applied for a job at Loblaws, whent to show 'The Great Dictator' after show drove down for --- at Clover leaf, I smoked 2 pipefulls.

School, drove down to city for Kate. Whent to practise for sax but B---- said to go to Al ---, Ed was up for a while.

89 in school room. Windy after supper and a short thunderstorm. School, everybody swimming after four. Cam [car?] slipped over dam at Huttonville. I was washing windows, down town after supper, didn't go to dance at Huttonville.

School, played basketball boy was I hot. Mom, Libs, 3 kids, Et, Norm S. And Ken and I went swimming to Huttonville, water was warm by ----

School, home after four whent to show, 'That Night in Rio', fooling around with Ken, whent down at St. Paul's, trying to walk around outside.

Sat. May 24 clear bright warm windy

Washed windows, picnic with kids drove Charters car, broke headlight, to dance at Conover's after, I had Katie and boy is she fun, and did I have fun.

Slept in, up at twelve, took sun bath in yard, slept in library, drove down for scouts past Cooksville, fooling around with saxophone (pretty good)

School, Ed Cooper up in car, took me down town with Katie, I think its love or maybe I'm acting so woosy because I'm getting a cold, out swimming to Huttonville with Jack and Gus whent to show 'Lady Eve', Moorehead sold theatre to a Jew.

Rain real hard at night. In bed, had to get up and go for Kate in Port Credit. School, played basketball, it was hot in the gym. Mom going to give me five dollars if I wash and paint kitchen cabinet. When swimming to Huttonville with Garbutt after supper.

School, home after four, painting and painting after supper, I could have gone swimming, Katie and a bunch were out. I whent to dance at Huttonville with Katie, home at 1:30

School, basketball again but not quite as hot but hot enough, paint after four, put up Robin's ----- pool. Whent to show 'Trial of May Dugan'(either Alice or Katie)

School, painted after four and after supper to 10 o'clock, then drove to Port Credit for Kate, wasn't there and I had to down again after, worried about my driving.

Whent driving in truck with Tom all morning to 2 p.m. Then bummed around had car after supper and to Davis's with 5 girls, there till 11 p.m., drove them home and had Katie in car. Parked with Katie till 1 am., got a lot of things straight (Oh boy!!)

Up at 12:30 for diner, Dad got his new car yesterday. Out in it and out driving Bill's car. Slept most of afternoon to 7pm. Bummed around rest of night.

School, down to Park at 11:40 to Victory Loan opening, about 10 kids fainted, back to school at 2, out swimming to Huttonville with Katie, Ken and Jack, stayed in after supper.

Dave Dickson
Dave Dickson

School, played basketball, very hot, out swimming to Huttonville in Phil's Lincoln, can dive off of second or top board. To Katie's to do homework from 5 to 11:30.

School, whent swimming to Huttonville with Ken in his car + Bill , Shep[?], --- and G---. Up to see Katie for a while after supper, then I bummed around, then to show 'Footsteps in the Dark'.

School, played basketball, (not as hot) Whent swimming to Huttonville (fellow did full gainer) Had tussle with Tom, Billingsley at Roselea with Ted Robinson, fooling around with sax. Bill graduated today.

School, our exams start in a week, and we're out in two weeks. To a party at Charter's with Katie (I broke a glass) Katie's lots of fun (after the party).

In the photo:
Ick Hood is Christine Hood. Her sister is Jen Hood.
Bet Taylor lives now southwest of Birks Falls. She was a great swimmer…Mark Smith
Ted Robinson, Ick Hood, Bet Nixon & Bet Taylor. No.10 bush, 1939
Ted Robinson, Ick Hood, Bet Nixon &
Bet Taylor. No.10 bush, 1939

Down to city, bought coat and pants. Saw 'Buck Privates', show at long Beach with Ed, 'Fugitive From Justice', met Kate B. At Port Credit, looked in at dance at Huttonville

Church, up to Katie's then to Dave's for afternoon. After supper --- was up well (5o) downtown, moon out but kind of cool, dance at 12 T Huttonville, I didn't go.

Holiday, King's birthday, got a nice full sunburn. Up at 11. Whent to Katie's; clipped bushes and lawn, swimming to Sunnyside with Kate, Bill ---, Norm and Peg. Kate was at house (oo), to show 'Come Live With Me'.

School, played basketball, to dentist, have to go back Fri., got cavity. I like Katie better than drivin'[?] --- ----, soaked in bath tub after supper, got a bit of studying done.

Down to Smith's to see about insurance on Charter's car, walked up with Katie, for drive to Huttonville with mom, more studying.

School, Miss Cowan decided to have raffle, have to sell 10 --- each at 5c, Bill Dale, Gerry and John Marshal[?] got through it without trying, study History.

Euphemia Cowan, Latin teacher at Brampton High.

"She struck terror into every student's heart": Janet Bertram Brown.

pool at Rosealea
pool at Rosealea

School, No new work, History exam p.m. In assembly hall, I think I passed, up to Katie's after supper to do French (oo) she is one gal.

I am life guard at tank for a week. Pulled out seven toads and a cat, no one in at night, out to dance at Huttonville, had awful time, one dance (tired).

been feeling miserable last few days, belly ache, still not sleeping well. Church, down to Green room for dinner (13 of us) (Fathers day) in swimming with Norm at 2:30 while raining, up to see Katie till supper (oo), no one in after supper, study for Latin.

Latin exam all morning, up at Katie's afternoon to do French, got 8 pages done, very pleasing afternoon (x's) WOW!, down to tank at four, lots in, and after supper from 7:30 to 10. Some job.

French exam, haircut afternoon, to pool at 4, lots in, Cooper's for supper, (Strawberry Festival). Back to pool till ten at night then bed.

at Rosealea
at Rosealea

Composition exam and algebra in afternoon, down to pool, more in, in till ten at night. Caught in blackout at Port Credit for Kate, to Huttonville for Et.

Literature exam, down to city from 12 to 1:30 about job as counselor, to Katie's (x's), to pool after supper came[?] just up and (x) her. In pool to ten.

Chemistry exam then all through school, around on bike with Ken Jackson, in pool, Charlie Chapman took over at 4:30 and I whent to party at Lilly's with Ken. Out after party with Katie (hard time saying goodbye).

Left for Sarnia, drove all way, at 10:30 am arrived at 3pm, aboard Morovia. Smart aboard the boat. Good meals aboard the boat. Dance at night and horse races for betting (won 14-0) Don Wet a waiter.

Still on boat, windy in afternoon, after passing Soo Locks, I was sick bed with no supper at 6. 6 times around deck one mile march around with band [?]

Arrived Port Arthur at 6:10am. Set out by car. Decide to go all the way, I drove 455 miles, is my seat sore. Saw Trans Canada plane with pontoons at Kenora, saw show Winnipeg 'Meet John Doe'.

Graham Little, He became a P.O.W.
Graham Little, He became a P.O.W.

Up at 8:30 breakfast in coffee room then swimming to Winter Club, smart tiles pool, bummed around afternoon, writing letter. Out to Scot's for supper (florist here).

Sit in tub most of time. Drove Mum to Eaton's, bought propellers. Out to Assiniboine Park, saw some yaks, back to Winter Club, in swimming, out driving in car, dance at Hotel, didn't go (too late).

Out swimming to Sargent Baths, no good, out to Assiniboine Park, saw my first buffalo, to show 'Buck Privates' and 'Golden Hoofs', in all night, rented radio.

Shopping morning, got leopard skin bathing suit. Lunch with Rankins from Prince Rupert, set out 1:30, slept at YMCA joint at Ignace (300 miles) was it ever dirty and stinky.

Set out early, past large falls and through Fort William to Port Arthur. On boat, whent to dance, slept afternoon, hit heavy fog, horn going all night.

Back on Hornvi[?] smaller than Morovia but more fun. Out walking through Sault St. Marie, sun bath on upper deck down St. Mary's[?] river sing song, horse race at night. Smart time.

at Sundridge
at Sundridge

Bright sun hot at Brampton. Hit fog just out from Sarnia, slowed right down. Set out for home and arrived at 12:30, up to see Katie (x's), in swimming, to store to help Katie work. Took her to the show 'Marx Brother Go West', walked home with her. I missed her.

Bummed around, rode bikes to Huttonville with Kate Brydon, swimming afternoon with Katie, out in car at night, up to high school, very enjoyable evening.

Bummed around in morning, Mom and Et whent to Sundridge at noon, up helping at office, playing tennis with Katie then to show 'Aldrich Family', 'Charlie Chan'

That summer at the cottage in Sundridge he marks his height on a door jamb: 5'9'.

That fall Ted attends St. Andrew's College from Sept.9 to Dec.17, 1941.

November 1941

His brother Tom gets his flying licence.

On November 28th his brother Bill marries Beth Archer.

Ted earns his Bronze Medallion from the Royal Life Saving Society.

Ted in St. Andrews College uniform with his mom, Ethel Brydon.
Ted in St. Andrews College uniform with his mom, Ethel Brydon.

Physics exam in morning. Home in afternoon. Boy am I ever glad to get out of St. Andrews.

Starting work at McKillop's. After supper too. Got rash on my legs which is no good.

Work again. Off early. Went to dance at Milton H.S. Took Katie. Don't like her much.

Work again. Ambulance call. ...spotty to get doll carriage up to Norman's at 11 by myself. I've had one heck of a good time.

[Norman's was a diner north of Brampton on the north west corner of the junction of Highways 7 and 10. It had a room in back where kids could dance.]

To airport with Tom. Up for an hour for nothing with Tom Brood.(Who is Tom Brood?) Cold. Boy it was smart above clouds for first time.


Adventure in the skies

RCAF 118 Squadron is moved from Nova Scotia to Alaska. They flew their P-40s all 4000 miles becoming the first fighter aircraft to fly across Canada.

Ted and Ken Jackson
Ted and Ken Jackson
Marjorie Lilly, Et Dale, Bet Taylor
Marjorie Lilly, Et Dale, Bet Taylor
From Bet Taylor Smith: the photo was taken at a Brampton High football game. Marjorie Lilly was probably angry at Ted judging by the face. Marjorie was killed on hwy 69 in a head on accident in 2002.
From Mark Smith, son of Bet Taylor: My Mom married Ray Smith in 1947 and I believe Phil Waite introduced them. The "Trout" in the May 4 entry may have been my Uncle Howard who was another airplane nut. Howard was a navigator in the war.

Raining. Slippery roads. To party at Houck's with Katie. Didn't want to take her. In at 5am up at 12. To show at Eglets[?] with Bill, Beth, Tom and Et. To restaurant for dinner. Took 2 hours. Had a steak (boy did I ever eat.) to ----- but there was nobody out there--------------with Garbutt.

Windy and freezing skate at R. Didn't get up till 12 again today. Went for a walk at 2. Hurt my finger. [the following is written backwards] SHOT BULLET IN FINGER. Had either [he means ether] in office to fix me up. Woozy after either. To po[?] at Smith's. In at 2. Katie and I just pals now.

Smart day. Up around ten. Couldn't find much of anything to do. Took Robin skating to Dale's pond. Took movies of her. Went and bowled, high man until bowled for money then lost. To show: 'International Lady'. Then up to Norman's with Gwen in Cliff Mowatt's car. In at 1.

Sunday went to church then in rest of day reading over my diary. Wish I had've kept it going during summer. Smart, sunny day. Drove Dad in country. There is about 2' of snow. Haven't been skiing or skating yet.

Overcast day and fairly cold. Up at 9:30 and went to high school at recess to see if I should go back to St. Andrews or stay here. Didn't see any teachers. Down to Toronto at 12 with Mom and Beth. Saw 'Shadow of the Thin Man'. Snack at Wonder Bar. Skating at Rosebowl for ½ hour. Skates no good. No more Katie. Fooey to her. [Katie McKillop]

It was fairly nice day. Little colder. Very cold. Up to school again at recess, talking to Pat. He says it would be hard coming back. Fire at theatre, all Dean's store burned out. Stayed in all afternoon. Windy after supper with a terrific blizzard. Very, very cold. Bummed around after supper. I like Marjorie Lilly. [Marjorie Lilly is Dorothy Beatty's older sister]
She's darned cute.

Still very windy and terrifically cold (0 degree weather). Started back to school here. Taking 3rd form French and Latin. Latin class I'm the only boy. Behind in most of my subjects. I'll have to work like hell and that don't sound so good. Drove Marjorie home. She's funnier than heck.

-10 F. This morning, bright sun and not so windy. Homework all last night. Catching up with work. There are a heck of a lot of physics notes yet. In all night doing homework. Bed at 9:30. Drove Marjorie home again, met her downtown, yep she's darned cute. Fashion show today for girls. (Fooey to Katie).

Still gall darned cold but not as windy. School today. Walked downtown after four with Marjorie and Carol. Got the stitches out of my finger. Went skating to Rosebowl with Tom's skates, up to Adams after till 1am. Had a bit of fun, didn't take anybody home after though.

Still pretty cold. Darn nice day, doin'homework in mornin'. Tom flew over in Stinson at noon. Darn thing nearly conked out on him, carburetor was froze. [ Tom's only comment in his pilot's logbook: 'WHEW'] Bummed around in afternoon looking for Marjorie. Went in and bowled, to show at night 'Birth of the Blues'. Ed Robinson came up after show, my driving bad. Out to Morris' alone until about 11:30.

Not as cold. Got for church at 10:30. Was gonna go to college to see the boys but Kate had the car. Jackson came up in his after supper so went out with him for about ½ hour. In the rest of the night. Did homework. In bed fairly early.

Still fairly cold, about 15. Up about 8 for school. I have 8 spares a week, 3 today, I can get a heck of a lot of work done in them. Walked downtown after four to Suny[?], nobody there. Pat, Barb, Norm, Gus Harris went to Vancouver Sat. Cost $53.70. They're gonna get a job and come back in summer. In all night.

Sort of mild today. Smart sunrise on the way to school this morning. Its ever queer doing the experiments, its a heck of a lot different than over at St. Andrews. You're treated like a baby here. I came right back after four, stayed in after four and after supper doin'homework. Bed at 10. Libs' baby born at 6:30 pm.

Sun out at first then overcast. Its very mild out, about 42. Ice is melting. Listened to radio program at school in morning. I came right home after four. Down to theatre about usherin'. I try out this Sat. night. Had a good bath. Getting cold and windy again. Put the car in garage with just a towel around me.

Cold again and fairly windy. I'm enjoying life a lot better here than at S.A.C. Asked Marjorie to go with me on a 23 over to Dickson's, to see Bill about buying tickets, down watching the skating. Ken had his bike stolen from in front of Dickson's. Out following tracks in snow but lost them.

Darn cold out. Sun out and melting in sun. Had car in afternoon, drove team to Long Branch for basketball. We won both Junior A + B. Whent skating at Rosebowl, darn cold. About 0. Then up to Norman's for a while. Fun when I was up but didn't stay long.

movie poster: 'The Citadel'
movie poster: 'The Citadel'

Got up at 10 o'clock. Not very cold out and a fairly nice sun. Its about 25. Put Dad's license plates on. D-265. Didn't do a heck of a lot in the afternoon. Bowled a couple of lines 207 - 140. Down to theatre to learn how to usher. Don't have to pay for show now. Skating at Rosebowl. Took Marjorie home. (foolin' around a bit) Up to Norman's till 12. Gwen [Thompson] invited me to dance.

Dirty day out. Raining, about 40. Up at 10:30. Had a bath, shaved, breakfast and walked to church in twenty five minutes. Stayed in afternoon to do homework but fell asleep. Wanted to go to see SAC boys. In all after supper, to bed at 10:30.

Overcast, almost dark all day. Thawing, about 45. Had three spares at school today, downtown for a haircut after four, home, in all after supper, in bed at 9:30. I've been darn tired last few days. Got six dollars from coupons on bonds today.

Overcast and still thawing, a little slushy snow and raining, freezing tonight. Down town after four to buy new suit but couldn't get one, walked home with Marjorie after supper. Got Connie, Ethel and Bett Nixon whent to Norman's then to Flash Mclean's, had a bit of fun, home at 11. Sore finger almost better. Tom joined up yesterday.

Sunny, bright. Colder in morning, 27. Sun out. Warm, became cloudy. At school. Dad, Mom mad about last night. Down to Toronto at four. School out at 3:15 for basketball game. Connie, Ick, Ethel & Bett Nixon came down with me. I bought brown suit at Pascoe's, up to Simpson's, home at 7:30. Bought Et fish. In rest of night (down to get Peps).

Fairly cold and overcast. Not much of anything today, sort of bummed around all day. After school I took seats out of car and vacuumed and washed inside of car. Drove downtown ---- to show, (didn't have to pay) 'Sweetheart of the Corps' and 'Murder over New York'.

Not very cold, about 32, but its not mushy. Bright clear day, warm sun. No snow nowhere. Skipped last period, washed car at Russell's garage, just wearing summer shirt. Seniors beat Port Credit. Down to see Miller with Marjorie, a lot there from Brampton, generator broke, no lights, hardly got home at 1:45.

Up at 9:30. Warm out again today. Nothing doing in morning. Bowled a line at 2 in the afternoon. Ken came up. We up on roof and listened to records. Walked down with Marjorie and ushered in theatre. 'Sundown'. Was I ever hot. Up to Norman's after till twelve. Girls are all bags except Marjorie, she's good.

Not up till eleven. Nobody went to church. Tom out in uniform. Still gall darn mild. Out on roof having sunbath and taking pictures. Just like summer out. Stayed in all day not doing a heck of a lot.

Overcast and still mild, about 40. Downtown after four to show 'Sun Valley Serenade', sat with Helen, Mary Lou. Couldn't find Marjorie, she whent to show at night, I was upstairs ushering. Came right home after ushering. Gall darn it, can't even hold Marjorie's hand for more than a couple minutes.

Overcast and mild, 40. Party for Steve after four till 6 o'clock, dancing to Ed Waller's Rockola. Steve made smart farewell speech. Dunc Smith took Marjorie home. Downtown after supper for a while then home rest of night.

Clear, bright, sunny all day and cold about 20. Lost two junior games to Port Credit, walked home with Marjorie, did homework, whent and saw ½ hour of show 'Reaching for the Sun' then I came home.

A Yank in the RAF

Clear bright and sunny all day and colder about 8-10 out. I came right home after four. To see cartoon at show 'Yank in the RAF' then down watching the skating, bowled a couple of lines with Ed Poln--- And Dan Smith. Only got 133 And 149. Up watching the skating at school. No snow no where.

Overcast and cold then sun came out. It was snowing a bit but its all gone. Downtown after four. Walked home with Marjorie. Whent down to city at seven with Ick and Gwen & I whent to the St. Lawrence dance, it was smart, '-----s' had darn good time with Gwen, out all night, she whent in at 5:15. I didn't get home till 8:25 am.

Slept in car for ¾ hours at 'sunset', snowing in morning, came in when Dad got papers I came in. Waxed and polished upstairs. Finished by 10am. Downtown and around in car, snowed a lot at --- but its all slushy up to Nixon's, to show with Marjorie, ushered at night, up to Norman's afterwards, good time, left a Bud Jones. Home at 1:30.

Up at 10:35, whent to church. Its colder and windy. Tom whent to Golf Links. Whent to Caledon skiing. It was smart, cold and windy. Gwen, Et and Tom. There's snow now, it looks like winter (a bit) stayed in rest of day and all night, dag-nab it I had a good time with Gwen Friday. She invited us to dance Feb. 20.

Clear, bright, no clouds all day and cold, about 0 to about 10. Smart sun, in fact a perfect day. J.C.A. films at school, had to stay in after four then home, ushered in show, 'Hellzapoppin'. It was darn good, nearly killed myself laughing.

Overcast and cold, 0, then sun came out then overcast again. Yale doin' vertical banks at about 500'. Downtown after four, up with Marjorie. Chasing her dog, whent to show again with Tom. Drove him down to barracks. Writing to Gwen, was going to see her but too late, she's a bag, but (wow)

Not cold, about 32 and overcast. Won Junior A + B games against Long Branch here. Walked home with Marjorie. Miss Scot kicked me out of 1V for French class, down skating to Rosebowl, drove Marjorie home, she is still a kid.

Overcast then sun came out very cold. Went to Glee Club today, Ken is only tenor. Whent down to Golf Links with Et, Marjorie and Carol.

Down to links with Marjorie, Tom, Connie W. Adams. Big snowfall and windy. Biggest drifts I've seen, 100 cars stuck on way to Derry West. Barb Waite marooned on wedding night. ------. Had pork and beans in attic, ushered at night.

Smart, sunny day. Still windy and drifting bad. Skiing at golf links, ice frozen off face, walked home, boy is it ever windy.

Sunny day. Played hooky in afternoon. Down to farm with Charlie Armstrong then with Jeff Holly at Doug Moyor after snowplows.

Played hooky all day. Whent down to city. To the casino then up to Thompson's, stayed for supper, Walking around with Gwen down to Billy's house, out on late bus, Dad sort of angry with me for staying away all day.

Down to dance at Argonaut club with Gwen, Ethel, and Trevor Durret. Gwen and I got lucky spot dance, won a record each. Parked in High Park, pretty near kissed Gwen, ain't I getting awful though.

Skiing at Caledon with J.C.Anderson. It was no good, in fact rotten.

Whent Church then skiing over to Summit with Charly. Met Whipper Billy Watson, 6 fellows down from college.

Played hooky afternoon, whent down to Toronto got records, ride home with Mom.

Set out for St. Adell at 9:00 o'clock pm. Slept most of the way down, everyone else seemed to be having a good time.

Smart skiing, sunny bright and real warm, skiing stripped to the waist, fun with ski show, whent cross country over to Alpine lodge where Mom and Dad were a couple of years ago.

Real fast ski today, watching downhill race. I bashed my face in. Left for home at 8:00. I had more darn fun Sunday night, didn't go to sleep at all, ours was only light on train.

Arrived Toronto at 6:30, sort stuff, home, up to Thompson's. I look a mess. Gwen played hooky, saw Tarzan show, into their office, I came home on 3:30 bus, fell asleep and whent to Norval, had to walk part way back.. In at night.

Just school. I got one heck of a lot of work to catch up. A lot whent down to game in city. We were beat 44-14.

Just plain school, to show 'Washington Melodrama', bowled 233.

School still dry as ever.

Adams and I lost debate to two girls. North Toronto beat us 43-32. Ushered 'Sergeant York', big crowd. Up to Norman's after then down 1st line with Gwen, first time I have really kissed her. (just when 'Jim' was on the radio) In at 3:30.

Up at eleven. Smart day, down to Toronto with Gwen, Caroline and others in Gwen's car. Ushered 'Sergeant York' again. Biggest crowd ever. Lined up to Waller's. Up to Norman's then to 2nd line with Gwen, heck I'm all muddled up. In at 4:45.

Up for church then driving around with Gwen all afternoon. Up to Norman's. She wanted me to go down to Toronto but I stayed in all night. Gwen's got my pins and medal.

Rain and windy, practically a cyclone, snow and blustery in afternoon, creek up, big flood. Down to court house at one. To school only for one period. I waited for Gwen but she didn't come out. In all night. If only she didn't smoke and drink.

Snowing real hard all morning. Then sun came out and snow all melted. Turned out smart day. Played hooky afternoon. Gwen came out, up at Norman's. Did nothing at night. She whent home at 8. I sat in show.

They didn't mark me absent yesterday. But I don't mind, pretty nice day out, Gwen came out again afternoon. Took her to show (no good) then we got together a while. She says she has stopped smoking (I bet). I wish she would.

Overcast but perfect from four o'clock on. Exams start Monday. I don't know what's wrong with me 'cause Gwen's not beautiful and she's no angel but still I like her. In all night trying to figure out to see Gwen tomorrow.

Smart day. Only whent to school first period. Afternoon up to Dale's to phone Stew at airport to see if he would work for me. Washed car, phoned Gwen, she's coming out. Not many at show ('Dumbo'). Up to Norman's, down to Toronto with Gwen & Carolyn, over to Bill's house to sleep.

Thought I was locked out of Bill's house (rained all day) but front door was open all time. Got to bed at 6 and up at 7:30 for breakfast, shopping with Beth then to Thompson's, Gwen and I to Eglington to see 'Suspicion'. Gwen came out with me in Bill's car, ushered again. Got Doug's car up to Norman's, drove Gwen back to Toronto, home at 2:30. Mom mad at me.

Didn't get up till 2 o'clock, making up for Friday night. Study for exam tomorrow (not much though). Wish Gwen would stop smoking. She almost has, only half cigarette last night. Gerry and Ethel came down last night so whent to ------- and straight to Gwen's, only a good-night kiss. (overcast no snow)

Spring floods

Brampton flood
Kids watching flood on Main St. from a railroad embankment.

The diversion

There was a bigger flood in 1948. The town then built a flood diversion canal which was completed before 1954's Hurricane Hazel.

Sugar rationing begins April, 1942

Gasoline rationing begins April, 1942

Still drizzly and overcast. Had Lit. Exam in afternoon. Drove to Toronto with Bill's car after four to bring ours out. Stayed for supper at Thompson's. Came home, in 16 ½ minutes. Just missed being hit at second line. Stayed in, raining all night.

Mom's birthday, crick flooding, biggest I've ever seen. Down in ----- water up to ankles in car street beside park, didn't go to school all morning, water past Russel's service station, car covered to steering wheel at Billingsly's, stayed home afternoon.

Flood. 2 ladies marooned on table by Rosealea for 4 hours. Launched boat at Church street bridge to rescue them. Uncle Jim in hip rubber boots fishing at four corners. Ton sugar lost in cellar of A&P store. All cellars flooded. Pumping them out all afternoon when water went down. Flood bad other places. Humber over road narrow bridges near Weston. Regular current past dairy and down George Street, flowing right over park. Couldn't get down Main St. In fact is some flood. Pretty at Long Branch.

back to school, overcast day. Latin on Fri. I need a shave. Cleaned up room yesterday. Didn't recognize it this morning. I beat 3rd after four, walked home with Marjorie, she's mad at me. Bowled 3 lines. In rest of night. Had good bath, cokes are awful scarce.

Down to wrestling match at Maple Leaf Gardens. Saw the Angel fight Strangler Lewis. That's how I studied for my Latin exam tomorrow.

Wikipedia- Strangler Lewis

Had the car, whent down to Toronto. Gwen and I whent to Masonic Temple, Paul Firmans[?] Orchestra, after dance going down to Queen's Park, had flat tire, four hours fixing it, tearing around with a cop looking for an open garage.

Doug Dickson, April 1942. Ted: 'gal darn gas rationing'
Doug Dickson, April 1942. Ted: 'gal darn gas rationing'

Gas rationing started today. We got our car filled up yesterday. I had the car, Gwen and I whent to Palms Royal, Frankie ----- and Bunny ---- were there, good time, some fellows were there from S.A.C.

Smart day, last day of school, down bowling after four with Fred Dazell. Bowled 204 then 408. I got 4 strikes in a row. Biggest score in alley all season.

Good Friday. Around on bike with Jackson, up to Norman's. Marjorie, Carol and other girls up. My gosh there are bikes all over the place.

------ around on the bike. Jackson not feelin'so well.

Whent to church, Jackson had his appendix out in the afternoon. The Doc says they were pretty bad.

Leona May and a Ferguson, perhaps Don
Leona May and a Ferguson, perhaps Don

Easter holiday. Not so nice out. Up to see Jackson. He's still dope, didn't know what he was talkin'about. Also saw Marg Bryans.

Snowed practically all day. Got about two inches of snow but its melting.

Whent over to farm with Bill Dale and ----- -----, took twenty-two and 4-10. Too cold to do much but it was fun.

Up to see Jackson again. He's a lot better than when I saw him Tuesday. He has Carol Denises' radio. I'm still going with Gwen. She comes out in her car quite often.

Gwen out and took about 6 girls up to see Jackson. Norm Summerville used Gwen's car to get his license. I don't see how in heck he got it 'cause he could hardly drive.

Johnny Patterson, Ted Robinson, Joe D'Angelo, Jack Garbutt. Downtown Brampton.
Johnny Patterson, Ted Robinson, Joe D'Angelo, Jack Garbutt.
Downtown Brampton.

Its been the warmest April month ever, all the blossoms are out on big apple tree. [------] are out everywhere. Armstrong building 30 houses on Queen St. East. Garbutt quit school and working there. All fellows except Gus, Harris and Henderson back from Vancouver.

Down to Toronto with Mom. Bummed around Eaton's. Met Connie and Gwen, thought she was mad at me but she spoke to me. We ate in Diane's restaurant [Diane's Sweets]. Then to show, Mickey Rooney. Up to airport with Tom but no flying, too windy. I hitch hiked home. Worked in the show.

Stayed home all day for school. Cleaned cellar and white washed it. It was quite a job, didn't finish it all. Worked in the show. 'International Squadron'.

Took Helen to the show 'International Squadron'. Didn't do anything, just took her home after.

School and stuff.

Tom, Taylorcraft. Photo taken by Ted during flight over Brampton, May 10, 1942
Tom in a Taylorcraft.
Photo taken by Ted during flight over
Brampton, May 10, 1942

Ken and I down to Toronto with Mom. We bummed around in Eaton's, out to Bill's house [16 Lumly Avenue, Toronto]. Tom couldn't get off to go flying. Whent to small show besides Simpson's. Home with Tom at 5:30, I worked in show then out to Huttonville, had good time, took Alice and Carolyn[?]

Mother's Day. To church in morning. Tom, Ken and I down to airport in the afternoon. Tom took me up for an hour and five minutes, over city and then out over town. Ken whent up for 25 min. I got a bit of a headache in the plane.

Tom had first soloed in October, 1941 and passed his pilot's test in November, 1941

Just school. To show 'Bahama Passage'. I've only missed one show since Jan.12 and the show I missed I saw in Toronto.

Just school, nothin' of real importance.

Stayed away from school all day. Put screens and washed windows in morning. Ken up in afternoon, I help paint Et's room, ushered in theatre at night.

Dress rehearsal for cadet inspection today, I didn't know anything about it. I was the only one there without a uniform. Tore a piece out of my hand on the bar today. Down for a haircut today, got it fairly short.

Rambler, the family's cocker spaniel

Cadet inspection today. I'm sergeant major. Rained practically all day. Had bar work in gym, my hand sore so I could hardly hang on. Post dance at school till eight o'clock then out in car with Katie. Dag-nab it, I wished I had of taken Marjorie. Rambler missing. [their brown spaniel]

Fooled around all day. Jackson came up, we were going to get the big bike working but no go. Tom out from army for weekend. He's sick, temp. 101. Bud Young back from Montreal. 200 hours in Anson. Worked in show, 'Tarzan'. Out to Huttonville, had 3 dances.

Didn't get up until 11:30. Fooled around on bike all afternoon trying to finish pictures on film I took from airplane. I drove Dad out in country. Man was drunk and his wife had clunked him on the head. In all rest of night.

Dirty overcast day. Whent to matinee, 'Babes on Broadway', worked at night so saw the show again.

Overcast again and raining. Took picture of myself today. Mom down to Niagara Falls with Dad since yesterday morning. Getting our own meals. I had car all day to drive Robin to school, worked again at night, 'Babes on Broadway'.

Overcast, not a very nice day. Worked again tonight. That's about six times I saw 'Babes on Broadway'. Out to Huttonville with Tom. Brought Evelyn and Alice home. Kissed Alice about six times.

Dull day. Tom out from army. Ken, Tom and I whent fishing to Credit Forks in afternoon. Tom got a little one, Ken and I didn't get any. Whent to show, 'Louisiana Purchase' for a while then got pictures back. My gosh they turned out smart.

School. Fell asleep at 12:30 and didn't wake up till 5:30. Whent to show for a few minutes.

Nothin'much all day. Worked at show. Tried to get out to Huttonville but couldn't. Whent to Norman's and sat for an hour and a half then home and to bed. Worst gall darn day in my life. Ick Hood had a party tonight and invites everyone but me.

Slept in till 11:30. Tom got enlargements from Chinn. Boy, they're smart, Blew up to 8x10 pictures. Walked home with Evelyn. Got Tom's car at 11:30 but couldn't get anyone to take to Huttonville so whent to midnight show, 'Laurel and Hardy'.

Brampton, May 1942. Looking south along Main St.
Brampton, May 1942. Looking south along Main St.

Holiday today for Victoria Day. Tom around on bike trying to get cars. Going on picnic. I had Dad's car. Norm's got ---- Buick tearin' down past Streetsville looking for a place. Bike to Meadowvale to Dales dancing, took Alice home, stayed out for a little ______ (guess).

To school. Not very nice day, better in afternoon. Tried French exam after four. Our Form beat 3rd 24-3 in baseball. Ushered at show, 'Roxie Hart'. Only about 30 upstairs. Rosie ---- are working on farm, quite a few getting out of school.

Overcast, turned smart in the afternoon. Baseball at noon. Fred says I hit the ball the farthest he's seen it hit. (upper end of field down to school). At show to see 'What's Cookin', (Woody Herman). Got pictures back from picnic. Turned out pretty lousy.

Smart, sunny, hot day. School in morning, rode bike down to Malton in afternoon by myself. Got a terrific sunburn, back to see baseball game, show for a while then home.

Hazy day. Slept in till 10:30. All morning filling in gaps in diary, sunburn still pretty sore. School afternoon. Had car at night, worked at show. Ken and I out to Huttonville to look in at dance (----). Terrific rainstorm, came down in one sheet. Ken slept at our place.

Up at 9. Ken and I down to Toronto with Kate, Robin, Doug Price and Et. Bummed around Eaton's, up to Gardens to see Nates[?] Follies. Saw Buster Gable in lobby., smart looking guy. Terrific rainstorm on way home. Didn't work, out on bike with Tom. I had Doug's car out to Huttonville, rain really came down. Hardest I've ever seen. Took Alice home. She wonders if I love her (I don't know).

Still dirty weather, up and whent to Church, down to Dickson's house then fell asleep from 4 to 7. Jackson up, had his car, took it home at eight. Up to Alice's with Evelyn. A bunch of drunks came in. Walked home with Evelyn and kissed her three or four times. Dag-nab it, a crazy thing to do. But fun.

Rainy, wet day. Whent to school.

Hanging from eave

Ted hanging from eave. Photo by Et Dale Sivell.

Beer, spirits, and wine rationing begins July 1942.

Still miserable, rainy weather. Out to play baseball in P.T. period but pretty wet. Ushered at the theatre, double bill. Didn't get out till about 10:30.

Sun came out for a while. Assembly in morning, gave us dates of exams. I umpired at game after four. Whent to show 'Bachelor Looks at Marriage'. I never laughed so gall darn hard in my life.

Raining in morning. Cleared up afternoon and hotter than old heck. Played baseball P.T. The rain came down in one sheet. Out swimming to Huttonville after supper with Et, Bet, Pete and Bett Campbell. Then to McKillop's till 9:30. Gosh she's an ugly dame, but its okay with light off.

Brighter, clear, sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. Had composition exam in the afternoon. I have my doubts about it. We played the All-stars after four, beat them 26-3. In to show for 10 min. Then out lookin' for Alice, got Katie, whent up tracks towards Fletcher's, lucky it was dark.

[no entry]

Down to Toronto with Mr. And Mrs. Jackson, Ken, Nora Bryans[?] and Marjorie. In swimming at Sunnyside then up to Toronto. Had a smart time. To Sunnyside at night, got Marjorie sick on the Whirl-o-Plane.

Summer 1942

Doug Glenn, Scotty Dunbar, and Hank Laurier. Ahmek, 1942
Doug Glenn, Scotty Dunbar, and Hank Laurier. Ahmek, 1942
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson
centre: Ruth Byers (Woofles), Sept. Camper on right. Archie, the mechanic in background. Ahmek Sept/42
centre: Ruth Byers (Woofles), Sept. Camper on right. Archie, the mechanic in background. Ahmek Sept/42
Bill Flanagan, July or Aug., 1942 sweeping the verandah
Bill Flanagan, July or Aug., 1942 sweeping the verandah.
Et Dale had a crush on Bill.
No.10 gravel pit. Me, Shrimp, Ed
No.10 gravel pit. Me, Shrimp, Ed


Won high school ring as a clown on the gym team at the commencement. Ken and me were clowns, dressed in girls tunics, had a darned good time acting crazy.

[no entry]

When the war started the Canadian National Exhibition CNE grounds were turned over to the Department of National Defense. The Horse Palace was quarters for the army, the Coliseum was the No.1 Manning Depot for the The Royal Canadian Air Force, the Automotive building sheltered the navy and the Canadian Women's Army Corp. were stationed in Stanley Barracks.

Down to recruiting centre to see about getting in the air force. I had my IQ. test. Jack Gamble gave me the test. Have to come back tomorrow.

Back to recruiting centre, had interview and medical examination then up to Christie Street Hospital for X-ray. I guess I'm in the air force now. I didn't tell anybody at home that I'm joining up.

I've quit school now, and I think everyone in town knows I joined up.

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Down to recruiting centre and sworn in to No.1 'M' depot. In at 12 noon. Had dinner, 10 days C.B., had a haircut, and what a cut. Up to dentist. St. Valentine's dance here. Good orchestra and Rochester[?] was here. I didn't dance at all. Just looked.

He's in No.1 Manning depot on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. The Coliseum building is the barracks.
CB: confined to barracks after receiving inoculations

Gump Anderson, Charlie Clap----[?] and Bob Smith are here. Out for a march, haven't got our uniforms yet. Nothing much in afternoon. Whent to free show at night.

The Sergeant Major is really a card. And the language he uses. Church parade in the sheep ring. Nothing else much.

Had three skin tests, a vaccination, T.A.B.T. and some blood taken out. Jack Benny show here tonight. My gosh it was good. Some of the fellows sick from the inoculations. Didn't bother me at all. Got our uniforms this afternoon.

Same old stuff, getting everything settled.

Still getting settled.

Doing trade tests over in the ----- building. Then playing ping pong at the Sally Anne. [the depot's canteen] Its really a great life, good food and there is lots to do in the depot.

Reception ----

Reception ----

Ted in uniform

The typical routine for a recruit:

Up at 0600, two hrs to dress, make bunk, polish boots & brass & eat. Bunk inspection at 0800 hrs., drill & lectures etc. to 1100 hrs. Lunch until 1300. Drill etc. to 1600 hrs. Dinner to 1800 hrs. The lounge had many overstuffed chairs, writing desks and card tables. There was a branch of the Toronto Public Library and a "Mother's Corner": Mothers with sons in the service donating their time to darn socks & sew buttons etc. There was a radio in the lounge & one in each of the barracks.

Church parade in the morning. We are the senior flight. Marched up to West End 'Y' for party, ever fun, in swimming, supper and a program after, took street car back, others whent on route march to Sunnyside.

Had our inspection and were moved into training wing. I sleep north east corner of blue room. Bunk 2075. Dan Gibson [see sidebar] came in the other --- but he's got mumps, now not C.B. anymore but I didn't go out.

We have four periods of drill a day, one period of P.T. and one lecture period. A smart N.C.O. Corporal Pringle. I'm in flight 337 in No. 4 squadron.

The same drill and guff. I went out tonight for first time to see Bill. Not much doing. He started to show me how to play chess but I was tired so back to barracks.

Had C.O.'s sports day today. I entered the wrestling. First bout beat a professional champion from Hamilton, then I beat a French man and I was beat in the finals by a decision. Got a silver spoon for wrestling.

Pay day today, got twenty-two dollars and ten cents. That's more than I thought I would get. Up for a meal at Chicken Galore[?] with Dan Dempsey, then to Army -Air Force hockey game.

Brampton, May 1942. Looking south along Main St.
Alice on New Years leave 1944

Dan Gibson

Dan Gibson and Ted were good friends. Dan Gibson went to Camp Ahmek when Ted was there. He had to leave the air force because he caught rheumatic fever. After the war from 1946 to 1986 he produced nature films. Since then he produced CD's combining music with sounds of nature

...from Dan Gibson via Et Dale in December 2002
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Meat rationing begins, March 1943.

Drill. Out at 4:30 and hitchhiked home, got the car and whent up to Norman's, had fun, then drove back to the barracks.

Off at twelve. Drove Gump Anderson and Charlie Chapman to Brampton and took Dan Dempsey to our house, saw Ken then back by 12 o'clock on the bus.

Drill and stuff. I'm the leader in P.T. class. Since the wrestling a few officers come over and talk to me about it. Mr. Stephens is a Flying Officer in command of No.3 squadron.

Terrific snow storm and blizzard but I was bound to get home. Made it 50 minutes a la thumb. Surprised to see me at home. Up to Norman's with Alice. Stuck at Cloverleaf, then 15 min. to Princess Gates along Lakeshore. 8 min. Late. Okay. other fellows were two and three hours late.

No church parade for me, just bummed around all morning. Out to home at noon. Horsed around. Got in civilian clothes. Then back on 10 o'clock bus.

Out drilling in front of [Grand Stand bldg?] by the Lakeshore Drive. Fairchild Cornel made forced landing right in front of us. Plane nosed up but nobody was hurt.

Took Gwen to the show.

Had our flight picture taken in front of Coliseum.

Drill, afternoon a big parade up to hockey game. I left after first period and thumbed my way home. Decided to go A.W.O.L. till Monday morning. Up to Norman's and had good time. Smart to sleep in bed with springs. Ken bet Alice that I would have a commission a year from today.

Whent to church with uniform. Everyone was giving me the eye. Its great to be back home again. Pretty bad if I get caught but I don't think I will. Horsed around at night.

Drove Ed Robinson to city in morning (Tom's car). I lined up on parade at quarter to eight. Nobody missed me. Got paid twenty dollars this morning, drill is postponed till tomorrow. Uptown with Dan in car.

Has drill test in the morning and failed. Is Cpl. Pringle ever mad. First to fail on him. Had another one in the afternoon and passed it in fifteen minutes. Really raining out but I'm off on my seventy-two.

Mom's birthday. Gave her chocolates. Her and Dad drive to Toronto till tomorrow. I'm keeping the house. Alice up after supper, had a tete a tete up in the attic. I think I like Alice quite a bit.

Sat in at classes at school. Down to Toronto with Dunc ---- and P---y McLean to Museum then to the Casino.

Had my tunic altered. It fits a little better now. Down to Casa Loma with gang. Raining and freezing out, roads are awful bad. Smart time then right into barracks, don't have to be in till 0715 but may as well--- in ----.

They put us on duty watch, so we are confined to barracks. Answer four roll calls just to know we are around. Served in kitchen for two hours at night 10:30 to 12:30.

Still on duty watch. I whent out for walk at 9 o'clock and again at 11. Full moon tonight, really smart.

Swept at N.C.O.'s duty watch quarters then off duty watch. Smart day out, warm and sunny, hitchhiked home, then out to show with Alice and just got the 10 o'clock bus on time.

No.6 Squadron now. Not a heck of a lot to do. P.T. period and a walk down to Sunnyside. Smitty and I went to Central Y.W. dance. Not a very good time for me.

P.T. in the morning and a route march with 6 and 7 squadron to Yonge Street in the afternoon. Uptown for supper. bowling then to Masonic Temple dancing. I had good time but didn't get me a girl. I advanced Smitty $3.00. Wonder if I'll ever see it again.

Another C.O.'s sports day but I got my draft notice. I think almost all 6 squadron got a notice. Up to Dan Gibson's for supper and East Y.W. to dance had a smart time. Met Vi Rey[?], no belle but lots of fun. Saw -------------------.

I was planning to go home for weekend but they sending us to Camp Borden today. Got paid 11 dollars. Got on train at 4:30 and went off. Got here about 9:30. Had a meal and to bed in some fellow's bunk who is out on a 72 hour pass.

Really smart barracks, fellows have radios and can smoke at bunks. Mess hall and theatre right beside us. We are in flying personnel's barracks. I had to clean out shower room today and slept in same fellows bed again.

Church parade, in theatre afternoon, washing planes at maintenance hangar, sitting in barracks trying to learn instruments. Got my own bunk now in another section of barracks.

I was at equipment depot in morning bringing in clothing, airplane wings and motors etc. Afternoon back to maintenance hangar. Cranked up a Harvard to start it. My gosh but its hard. I know a lot more instruments now.

Sweeping out drill hall. Raining out like a son of a gun. Mopping floors and I set up pins in bowling alley. Made 65 cents.

In Sergeant's Mess, upstairs sweeping out rooms and looking at pictures on wall. (wow). Taking stock afternoon and bringing in new supplies for the canteen. It is hot and still out, in fact, awful hot. To show '-----' and dance in the airmen's mess.

Smart day out. Maintenance hangar for five minutes then back to Officers quarters to clean the grounds. Wings parade in afternoon. A.C. McGill here. 72 hour passes for tomorrow, guess I'll go home.

Tom on Ted's shoulders
Tom on Ted's shoulders.
Et Dale took this in the backyard.
The fence was put up when Robin was a toddler.
Lockheed Hudson
Lockheed Hudson
Lockheed Hudson
North American Yale

Snowing like heck out and quite a fit last night. Took our 72 away and put us on security guard. Go on duty tomorrow at 8am. I don't know whether to be mad or glad. To show to see 'Once Upon a Honeymoon'. It was darn fun.

Clear, blue day, colder than old heck and a terrific wind. Duty at eight this in a little tower at the south end of the field, two 2 hour shifts. This is the two to four o'clock where I'm writing this. Just back to new barracks getting my stuff all settled.

Overcast and windy. Slept in till 8:30, had big breakfast. Back to tower at 10 till 12. Write letter then back for 2 to four. Sat in lounge listening to radio. Got book on instrumentation. My gosh is it ever deep.

Windy and cold, a terrific blizzard. Out in the tower again. Whent to show to see 'Flying Fortress'. Kinda corny. Camp Borden is darn nice station but I would like to get up for a flip in a Harvard.

Out in the tower again. Windy and cold. A Hudson came in today and a Yale nosed over in the runway today. I could have had a flip but I had to go to hospital to get my last inoculation.

Snowing out. All over the ground. Moved again. Taken off security guard, back to barracks by the mess hall. Up to canteen, mopping and waxing floors. Free all afternoon. Got a toothache and headache, took some aspirin but no good. I was told this was not my permanent job.

Mild out. All the snow melted. At canteen again, cleaning up generally. Its my permanent job (dag nab it).

Two airplanes cracked up this afternoon. One propeller ate the other plane to pieces. A young officer was mangled by the propeller. Still got a toothache. Vi wants me to go to Toronto and Alice wants me to go home.

Looks like rain but fairly warm. Flipped for weekend with Ken and won. Took bus to Barrie at noon then thumbed home. Arrived about 3:30. Up to school, down bowling, to see Doug. Uniform off. Up to Norman's with Alice. This was the first night. Turned out real smart.

Really a smart, sunny , bright day. Up at ten. Downtown with Ken. Helped with dinner dishes. Down to Dickson's. Judy, Dale and Robin have mumps. Dave just got over them. Sid D------ home from B.C. talking in Lantern [restaurant]. To show 'Bambi' then up to Norman's. Danced with Marjorie all night. She's beginning to grow up a bit.

Smart day, clear and warm. Was going flying with Ted Robinson at Malton with an Anson flight but didn't get up in time. Up at ten. Out driving with dad. Out in car with Alice up to the gravel pits then down second line and out at Golf Links. Left for Barrie with Ted Jones at 7. Took bus into camp at 10. Straightening my kit out.

Back at canteen mopping. It is snowing out all day. Brought my camera back with me. Another fellow killed in a power dive today. Stayed in writing letters. Have to move to other end of barracks. This moving is getting me down. I've slept in 6 different beds.

Overcast and thawing out but snow is covering all the ground. Took pictures of Ed and Ken at back of barracks. To show 'Immortal Sergeant[?]'. Good March of Time on about war in Russia. Got a good used 2nd uniform almost as good as my new one.

Really cold out today and a nippy wind. Snow a bit out now and then. Down to canteen washing out shit pots and piss grooves, also garbage cans. Jack and L---- really drunk last night.

Fairly nice day out. Scrapping dirty wax off the floor in the crappers all day. Up for a short flip in a Harvard. Really smart. Hardly wait until I fly. Into lounge writing letters.

Snowing again and all day. Rain for an hour at supper then snow. Wore a brown shirt through attention area. Probably catch heck for it. Maybe only warned. I hope not busy at canteen. Sit around all time. Ruth Draper on in theatre. She is really darned good.

[Ruth Draper: American, author of 36 monologues, ranging from farce to tragedy, she played all the characters within each sketch with only a change of costume and props.]

Bright, sunny day. Most of snow going. Worked 15 minutes all day at canteen. Played solitaire rest of time. Out to hangar to see about a flip. Was all ready to go up then officer changed his mind and took another fellow up. Dag-nab it. To show 'Black Swan'.

Smart day. Nothing to do, did work for today last night. Up at hangar looking for ride. Up in an Anson flight afternoon over town to Hamilton then to London. Missed a draft for W.E.T.P. at Toronto. Whent to the show.

Miserable day out. Working at canteen. Off at 3 o'clock, into Barrie with sergeant, thumb home on a reveille pass. Up to Norman's. Walked out to Woodhill on way back. Snowing and wet out. Didn't sleep all night.

Dirty day. 20 minutes late working at canteen. Tired cause no sleep last night. Whent to bed at 7 o'clock and slept right through.

Back to canteen and regular routine. I think I'm getting in a rut. I got a 48 coming up this weekend. I'll be glad to get home.

Same old grind, mopping floors at the canteen. My pass has been canceled. I'm on draft. I don't know where in heck I'm going to be posted.

Good Friday. Working at canteen in morning, getting clearance papers in afternoon. Going to Ottawa for refresher course. Got reveille pass. Thumbed home. Smart time at Norman's. Surprised to see me. Darn smart day. Back at 4:30.

Signing clearance papers. Carl sent his movie films. Up to look for ride at hangars. No go so I sneaked home. Surprise party for Ken and I at Lilly's. Gave us each bracelets. Had a smart time. Ken drove me to Thornhill in about 4:30. Last time I saw Mom, kissed her goodbye.

Easter Sunday. Clearance papers all finished. I'm all packed. Got on train at 10 o'clock. Down to Toronto then out to Ottawa. Slept a bit on the way.

Arrived about 8am. Up to Ottawa Technical School. Breakfast in a restaurant then to Laurie's. They are surprised. To show with Carl, 'Star Spangled Rhythm'. It was real good. Going to stay at Laurier's.

To classes in morning. Call from home. Phoned back. Mom died last night. Got 6 days leave. Missed afternoon train so took 11 P.M. My gosh I can't believe it. Feel awful bad if I think too much.

Ethel Brydon was baby sitting at her son Bill's house in Toronto when she died.

Dad met me at station in Brampton. He is taking it pretty hard. Out for a big, long walk with Tom in afternoon, up C.P.R. tracks. Ken in to the airforce today.

Smart day. Stayed around the house. Mom was buried in the afternoon, lots of people sent flowers. Gee but I really miss Mom and I feel sorry for Dad. Its kind of hard on him, this is the wedding anniversary. Up to Meredith's.

Brydon headstone

Brydon headstone

Miserable day, in all morning then in talking to Katie at McKillop's in the afternoon. Up to Meredith's for supper. Stayed there pretty late.

Smart day. Up rather late in morning. Playing pool in afternoon and bowling. Alice down town, came up to our place and listened to records. Whent up to Norman's after supper then back of Dale's chimney. I'm no good.

Up around the house then everyone over to the farm in the afternoon. Dale was afraid of the cows at first but got used to them. Back for 9:30 train to Toronto with Tom. Alice saw me to the station but I didn't kiss her, then on to the Ottawa train.

Arrived Ottawa about 7 AM. Raining out. To Laurier's for breakfast then bed until 2 pm. Up and dressed and back to school at 4 pm. until 11 then back to Laurier's. Awful funny going back to school. I'm feeling awful blue and discouraged.

Slept in. Out looking for a place to stay and walking along the Ottawa River. Ottawa is a pretty place. Back to classes at 4. Six hours of classes a day. 3 math, 2 science, 1english.

Slept in again. Out with Madame Laurier for house. Found one on Chapel Street. I'll move in next Monday. Fourth victory bonds is on. They've got a Spitfire on display in the plaza. Catalina flew over today. In classes at 4.

Slept in till noon. To ----- building to see about my ration coupons. Got map of Ottawa. Back to classes at 4. Feeling quite a bit better, not near so blue or discouraged as last Monday. To bed now. Good night.

Got two films out with Hank getting pictures. Met Gordon Graydon. Dinner on Tuesday with him at Parl. Buildings. Took time exposure of myself in school, won't turn out though. Through for the week.

[Gordon Graydon: Conservative M.P. for Peel County]

Up fairly early, out to Uplands, Dunc's brother out on a forty eight, stayed for dinner, bummed around a bit, back to show, 'Mummy's Tomb' then to 'Hangman Also Die' with Carl, whent to bed about 8:30, I was tired.

Smartest day, ---- ---- day. Out driving all over Ottawa with Jerry and Carl. Lots of people out walking, biking, driving and horseback riding. Stayed in at night. Tried a little homework. Write to Dad. I've got a stiff neck.

Ted and Ken Jackson had Indian motorcycles…from Don Beatty

Getting all my stuff together. Bike arrived from [home?], bought license, moving things over to Mrs. Balek's on Chapel Street. Back to classes at 4 with same old routine. Worst fellows teachers ever had in our class.

Sort of a dirty day out. Got things all packed away in new room. To Parl. Bldgs for dinner with Gordon Graydon and all through buildings then bumming around stores, back to classes. Raining all night. I got soaked. Herbert Marshall is at school tonight for Victory program.

Herbert Marshall is a movie actor. Wikipedia]

Overcast until late afternoon, did some work in morning then to show 'Air Force'. Darn smart picture. Back to Laurie's , saw pictures I took last week. (They stink). Back to school. Weekend canceled, have to go to classes on Sat. Morning.

Sunny day but windy and cool. Out riding on the bike in the morning in fatigue clothes. Dinner then back to classes early to study for math test. Aircraft recognition I got 100% (only one in class).

Smart day out. Pay day, got 45 dollars and 20 dollars from Dad. I've got $81 altogether. Up in tower again, smart view of the city. To show 'Saludos Amigos'. It was darn good. Got 78 on test I wrote last night. 3 fellows sent back to 'M' depot, Toronto for misbehaviour. (home early)

Had classes this morning, a science test. Dinner at Laurier's. They gave me a cake and the smartest leather case. They are really darn nice couple. In fatigue clothes, out on bike, swimming at 'Y', smart sunny day. Laurier's, had fun with Hank and Carl. To show 'I Married a Witch'.

Rainy all day, really coming down. Slept till 11 am. I caught a cold last night. To Laurier's for dinner, drops up my nose, slept all afternoon till 7pm. Cold a bit better, supper, talking with Carl, back to my room at Belec's on Chapel Street, packing things to go home next weekend.

Up at 8, sort of cold out. I've got a cold, seems pretty bad. Doing homework and review, writing letter. Libs and Alice over to Laurier's for 5 min., going to dinner on Wed. 86% on science test. Mrs. Belec is darn nice, did my washing and pressed my uniform. Getting along better at school.

Overcast. Homework in morning, got presents from, toothbrush: Robin, sun glasses: Judy, Big Little Book: Dave. They bought them themselves. Got a haircut, met Bob Kilpatrick and saw Sunny Barron. To classes then back to room. Getting along better in Ottawa now.

Did homework and getting cleared up. To Laurier's for dinner. Mr. Fraser was there, he's darn nice. We were talking about the trip we had last September. Final exam in maths. I didn't get a couple of the questions. Saw Sunny Barron again.

Warmest day so far, out on front verandah in sun with shoes and socks off and shirt open, writing letters, down to library and into 'Y' for shower and a swim. Final exam in science. I got 78% in maths. Bought presents for kids. To show 'Meanest Man in the World', funny. Saw newsreel of helicopter. I'll fly one someday.

Drizzly day, classes at 8:30. English exam off at 10 am. Finished packing, bought two records. Had dinner then over to Laurier's. Last train at 3 o'clock. Toronto at 10 to Manning Depot to see Ken, he's sick from T.A.B.T. Left kit bag there, thumbed home at 12.

Smart day, up at 6:30, drove Doug to Toronto at 8, bummed around in Eaton's, Simpson's, and Woolworths, (civilian clothes next day at 11:30). To see Topsy, Bill Flanagan. into Manning again, down to Sunnyside. Ken out at 5, stopped in to see Fraser's, to dance at Huttonville, everybody home for weekend (Pat, Gus, Darby etc.)

Ken slept all night. I was in at quarter to 5, up at 6, thumbed to Malton, no flying, home again at 9:30. Malton again p.m. Ed Robinson, Ken and I up for an Anson flight, over town to London. Up to Meredith's till 1:15 am then home to bed.

Pretty nice day, up at 10. Drove down for Doug at 11am, into Fraser's. Doug's car pm. Got some gas for him, playing cards with Dorothy Lilly. To Meredith's, letting fireworks off backyard, about 30 kids there. To canteen dance, Mary Pickford here. To Toronto with Al Humble, 11:30 train to Ottawa.

Dirty day. Train was late, in at 8:45 instead of 7. Brought lot of clothes down with me. Teacher tired so let us off at ten. Still raining out, steady all day. Feel awful moody and homesick. Doug is a Flight Lieutenant.

Started out awful, turned out pretty nice in afternoon. Wearing civvies to Laurier's then to the show 'More the Merrier', to classes. Tearing around on bike at supper hour, back to room at 11:45. Looking in at a dance at Embassy. Clothing parade tomorrow.

Overcast. Got two summer uniforms, no albatross on shoulders, two buttons missing. Swim and shower at the 'Y'. Got extra buttons, took shoes in to be fixed and got a haircut. Shaved right off except for bit on top. Kids making fun of it, everybody stops and looks on the street.

[Ted got a Mohawk haircut]

Can't make up its mind to rain or be nice. Over to Laurier's with negatives. They laughed at my haircut. Doing homework, been moved to senior class, 3 more weeks of classes instead of 7. Have to work hard to cover the course. Out at 10 cause there is classes tomorrow.

Just filling in space here, but I've been wondering what in heck am I going to do after the war. Or what will I make my life's work? Its going to have something to do with flying, I know, but what? I've just got my mind set on aviation in general, and that's a pretty broad field to choose from. I guess I'll have to go back and get my senior and junior matric. At least. But where from there I don't know.

Pretty nice day. Classes until 3:30 so can't catch afternoon train. Took T.C.A. at 10:30, supper at Laurier's then to show, 'Five Graves to Cairo'. $28 for plane ticket. Almost missed it. Into Malton at 12, home on train and up to Norman's for 20 min. Great night.

Dad surprised, laughed at my haircut. Whent to church in civilian clothes, left uniform in Ottawa. Up to Meredith's, for a drive in Tom's car, Mom's car is sold. Had to wear old uniform to catch 9:30 train, no tie and no cap. S.P.'s almost caught me. What a weekend, one thing into another.

Nice all day, kinda warm and sticky. Day parade, got $48.60, sent 10 to Dad, got my watch out of hock and paid my board. Swimming at Y. To show to see 'Ecstasy'. It was a flop. Kinda tired at classes. Train was in at 6:45 and I haven't slept all day. I'm in a mood, I want to go dancing and have a good time. But its bed.

Looked like it was going to rain all day, but only spit a couple of times in the afternoon. Worked all morning at homework, kinda tough in senior class. Bought a new strap for my watch (.75). Wrote to Alice. Wore civvies to class. I want to go dancing and have a good time but I'm scared to ask any girls. I'm just the bashful type.

Darn hot day, sunny and windy with big clouds. Homework all morning, over to see Hank and Carl, got pictures, took in uniform to be altered and got my ------ back from repair, still in civvies. Out in sun in backyard for ¾ hour with shirt off, got a little red. Weekend is canceled, and I've got a ticket, maybe I'll go home in the afternoon.

Hasn't rained yet but sure looked like it was all day, not as hot as yesterday. In all morning doing homework. Wrote a letter to Dad and played around with Belec kids. Went swimming to smart pool: 'Plant Baths', 4 other fellows from school there, had a darn good time fooling around. Air awful close and heavy, hard to work at class.

Sunny, hot, very humid day. Did homework. Cy Sommerville reported killed. Still in civvies. Went to show, 'Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman'. Met Bob Kirkpatrick again. To classes, told us we write final exam next Thurs. Had two tests tonight. I phoned for reservation on T.C.A. (I hope to heck I get it) Terrific rain from 5 to 6 then all clear, still hot as hell.

[no entry]

Jack Garbutt, now a Flight Sergeant in the RCAF, was killed on July 19, 1944
He was flying in 619 (R.A.F.) Squadron. Age 23.

Smart day, sunny, cool, no clouds. I carin' around town and up to bank to get form 'H' to get across border for the United States. Playing golf with Dunk Smith in afternoon. Put on battle dress and to show by myself. Reveille with Beverly plane two hours late. To canteen and dance and took Marj Simpson home. Said what the hell, so kissed her. Back home, changed and packed and down to Malton to catch plane at 1:45. Great trip down, full moon, sort of foggy on the ground but clear otherwise. Mrs. Norris met me at La Guardia. Got to bed at 6am. So far just the same, but big airport.

Got up at nine o'clock. Only three hours sleep. Went over to LaGuardia Field. Pretty big place. Plane coming in every 5 min. Then up to where the world's fair was. Some of the buildings were still there. Afternoon took bus up Hudson River to George Washington Bridge. Got into Stage Door Canteen. Didn't stay long. Had supper at Hotel Astor with Tommy Tucker's Orchestra then to Radio City Music Hall, Minstrel Show and 'So Proudly We Hail' I've seen so many pictures and read so much about it that it is not a heck of a lot of thrill. All subways do is make noise. Not as nice as our street cars. Mrs. Norris is nice.

Slept till 11:30. Downtown (5 miles) up in Empire State Building. Its really high. Get a darn good look at New York. Over to Macy's (largest store in world) did a bit of shopping. Down to Coney Island, it really is ----, pretty cold today so not many people around, went on a few amusements. Mrs. Norris to old to go around with but she tries hard. Came back and saw a stage show 'Life With Father'. Its played 4 years. I couldn't see in myself. Saw two smart CWAC's but Mrs. Norris dragged me away, dag nab it. Dorothy Norris is a darned nice girl. Only 11 years old.


Ken and Alice bet that I would have my wings and a commission at or by 11:15pm on March 13th,1944. If my courses work out and if I'm any good, it should turn out okay, but I'll have to work like a son of a gun.

Tom and I have a bet of one dollar to be collected anytime. The winner of the bet is the one who gets Dad up in an airplane first. By fair means or foul.

Uncle Tom, Ted, Dr. Brydon. Camp Borden. Wings presentation ceremony.
Uncle Tom, Ted, Doctor Brydon. Camp Borden. Wings presentation ceremony. It is the cadet's choice who will present him with the wings. Ted chose Ken Jackson.

Ted began his elementary flight training at #20 E.F.T.S., Oshawa, Ontario.

His first logbook entry, on Sept.20, 1943, is a half hour familiarization flight in a Tiger Moth.

DeHavilland Tiger Moth source Canadian Military Journal(CMJ)

On Wednesday of the next week, after eight and a half hours of dual instruction, he soloed.

He finished elementary flight school on Nov. 9th with 29 hours dual, 5 hrs. dual night, and 28 hrs. solo time.

Also in November, RCAF 118 Squadron leaves from Canada for England aboard the Mauritania.

On Nov.15, 1943 he started service flying at #1 S.F.T.S. Camp Borden. After 5:45 hours dual he soloed in a Harvard on Nov.22. His log entry has the comment 'Nothing to it????' His last flight here was Mar.7, 1944.

North American Harvard
First solo in Harvard
Harvard solo: "Nothing to it??"
1943. The white flash in his wedge cap indicates that he has finished his initial training school. It does not imply any rank. This aircraft is most likely an Anson.
Ted, 1943. The white flash in his wedge cap indicates that he has finished his initial training school. It does not imply any rank. This aircraft is most likely an Anson.

Also in November, 118 Squadron ships out from Canada for England aboard the Mauritania. Oncce in England it is re-numberd 438 Sqdn.


Ken and Ted
Ken and Ted

Ted did more Harvard flying at No.1 A.T.U. Edenvale from March 14th to April 3rd. Edenvale is about 25km north of Camp Borden

From April 22 to June 3rd Ted was stationed at Maitland, Nova Scotia.

Starting June 20,1944 he was flying at the No.1 O.T.U. in Bagotville until Sept. 8th. His first flight in a Hurricane was there on June 24th.

He then spent a few weeks each at Greenwood and Camp Borden until Nov.23, 1944.

Rusty lives in Ottawa
Rusty lives in Ottawa
Compare this photo to the one below.

Mauritania 34000 tons, 8142 on board with a crew of 500. We are four days out from Halifax now and its been pretty good trip. Sort of rough and a heck of a lot to do but okay. Today we sighted our escort destroyer sent out from England. Everyone so glad to see it they rushed over to the side of the boat. And when eight thousand people on upper decks shift something is bound to happen and it did, we almost tipped.

The Mauritania was the second Cunard Lines ship with that name. RCAF 118 squadron, crossed on this ship a year earlier

This morning we had a destroyer either side of us then we sighted land about 11. A few airplanes shot us up. Tonight there was a darn good RAF stage show, I really enjoyed it.

Windy and foggy out so we won't dock until tomorrow, just out from Liverpool now.

Still too blame stormy to dock, quite a wind blowing. Slept most of the day.

Still a strong wind, but rumored that we dock this afternoon. I sure hope so. It was a week ago last Friday that we came on board. No go on docking. Saw a show tonight.

All the boys getting touchy, cause we still can't dock, the boat is anchored off the Isle of Mann. Water for drinking is running out and also our food.

Well at last we are going to dock. A long twisty channel marked with buoys to avoid sunken ships. OFF about 10 PM. Sure good to get on land, then up to small train. SU.K. gave us tea at station, ate 'K' rations issued on boat. Traveled all night.

English countryside sure looks smart, seems like summer but its cold. Arrived Bournemoth at noon. I'm on 4th floor of a hotel. This is really a smart place, hotels all over the place. And the parks are still green, almost tropical but its cold. The money is confusing but fun so are the busses. Went to show 'Lena Horne'. Almost lost in dim out trying to get back.

Bournemouth is a resort town on the English Channel. Its many hotels were used by the Royal Air Force to billet the airmen from the 'colonies'pending postings to air bases.

Getting settled. Filling out forms. Gas equi. busy all day. Spit, Tiffy, Barracuda, Sunderland, shooting us up, gosh but they're smart. Met Bill McKillop, sleeps on the floor below me. Good to see someone from the home town. Out to another show 'Lena Horne'. Almost lost again. I'll have to get someone to go dancing, hope Alice doesn't mind. I sure do miss her.

Almost freezing here. I can't get warm at all. And I'm drinking too much tea, that's all you see. Had some physical tests and I'm in awful shape. Met lot of fellows I knew in Canada. Saw 'Bathing Beauty'.

I've got a terrible cold, and the swimming test this morning didn't help it. Went for a walk along the shore then to show 'Dr. Wessell'.

Made arrangements for leave and feeling much better. Lectures this morning from C.O., M.O. etc. etc. Saw 'Dive Bomber' then in early.

Had talk by S.I.C. We were almost made [here Ted draws a letter E in a circle with wing on right side] but OTU was on our side.

Got issued our flying kit and checked it. Saw 'Lost in a Harem' then in and packed.

The symbol he drew was of a brevet, or half wing, an insignia sewn on the uniform at graduation from the BCATP indicating occupation: E means engineer.

Vacated our rooms and checked our luggage. Going on leave tomorrow. Went for a swim in P.M then to show 'Pimpernel Smith' with Leslie Howard. Got first letters from Canada. Three came from Rusty.

Left this morning on leave, and what a day, cold and foggy. Not very far from the camp. Col. Samuel met me. I rented a bike, had some tea and we went out past an airport to some old ruins, a monastery at Beauleiu, slept at neighbour's place.

Slept in, had dried egg omelet for breakfast. Saw old church from 1070, rode around town a little. Had rabbit for dinner, then chopped some wood. I miss Alice an awful lot, I think of her all the time. It sure would be good to be with her again. The Samuels were pleased to get some bars and cigarettes I gave them. Their son, Mike (17 yrs) came home today. Just a little fellow. He was in Canada out at Vancouver.

Out on the bike with Mike into the village. Dropped in on Kenchingtons. A nice family, four girls. Lucy, Una, Frankie, and Pam, Just like Judy and Robin at home. Gave them some bars in the afternoon and told them some stories. Out walking with Mike.

Around the town a little but its raining. Into Kenchingtons for a minute. Took train down to the ____ and saw 'Mark Twain'. Back to party at Mrs. MacEntegart. Her son (11) is at S.A.C. so was interested in the place. Had cider, cake, chocolates etc. Heard about 22' snowfall in Toronto. She is cousin of Dickie who was at S.A.C. with Bill and Tom. I'm in much better spirits now, but it would still be great to get home. Went to see Mr. Jones who was in Burma a great part of his life, didn't say much though.

[Mrs. Anne MacEntegart, Holbrook House, Brockenhurst, Hampshire]

Packed in the morning then off on 3:30 train to London, slept most of the way. Arrived after blackout. Confused in Waterloo Station but finally found the tube and after much trouble found Sloan Sq. and Lady Ryder's and secured lodging at Officer's Club just off Trafalgar Sq. Also a great time finding my way. They hid the entrance down an alley. Finally got to bed with sirens only once for buzz bombs.

Lovely day, walked around Trafalgar Square then down to Houses of Parliament, past Downing Street, then into Wesminster Abbey. It is really impressive. Back to the Sq. and feeding the pigeons, had my picture taken. Out to Mdm. Taussad's Wax Works then back to Picadilly Circus and bought some slippers. 36/ ($8.00) Saw a show 'Summer Storm'. I'm pretty lonely. I guess I need a feminine friend. Sure would be great to get home.

Met Bill Holmes in Trafalgar Sq. He was waiting for George Watt. Down to Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral also Guild Hall. Back and saw stage show, 'Peek-a-boo' Dixie. Sort of a striptease.

Real foggy out, down to an hour and half wait at station then back to Bournemouth. Staying at Russell Court again. Saw a show 'Mask of Dimitrios'. Got letters from Alice and Pete Dunc. Good to hear from home.

All day off, had tea and cakes. Saw show 'Hitler Gang'. Got trunk back to room and packed. Had a good hot bath. Soaked for an hour or so.

Lecture from C.O. about Christmas parties. Didn't take my pay, I'll leave it in the bank and see how much I can save. More letters from home. Ken is out of the air force and feeling blue. I think he is lucky. Writing a lot of letters. Saw 'Goldwyn Follies'.

Friday Night
3 days before Christmas
22 Dec. 44

P/O E. D. Brydon

Dear Pop:

Well I had a darn good leave now its back to the station and just sit around here and hope for a posting, not much hope though.

I've climatized myself now (I think). I can actually get warm so I can enjoy myself much more now.

The letters from home are beginning to come in now, and it sure is good to get them.

The lady I met on my leave, not the Samuels but a Mrs. MacEntegart has written me and sent me a present. She is very nice, her son is over at St. Andrews College that's why she is interested in me.

She gave the Samuels & me a very nice party when I was in Brockenhurst. Her husband is a Air Vice Marshall in the Air Force.

Gosh, its getting late and I still haven't finished this letter, Just think back home its only half past five and here its ten-thirty, and coming on bed time.

I hope you got my Christmas cable on time. I sent it today, so you can see the difference between cables and letters.

Well I'll be turning in now. Goodnight.
Love, Son Ted (Pea/Ho)

Wandered around a little more of Bournemouth. Saw some roses in bloom in the park. Writing quite a few letters and sent cables home. Went to fire watch at a hotel but it was closed. Back to dance at Regal Bath. Everyone drunker than heck. I had fun though. First dance since I left home.

Slept in, nice clear day. And news that the air force is checking the German drive on Western Front. A Mustang gave us a nice shoot up. Down on beach then to a show 'In Old California'. In all night.

Had a pretty good Christmas dinner, then over to Lady Ryder's to play ping pong. Saw show 'Love Story'

Started swimming exercises in the pool. Then over to Lady Ryder's and had a darn good time dancing. Then to show 'Ministry of Fear'

More swimming today with dinghy drill, rubber boats and flying suits on, lots of fun. Dancing again at Lady Ryder's. To dance at Westover and had a great time.

Swimming again. Playing with Bob Lowery at Lady Ryder's then to tea dance, in all night writing letters and playing cards. Been here three weeks, and no mail from family. I must've been homesick before, but I'm okay now (I think) having better time anyway.

Took artificial respiration then out on a bus to show 'Meanest Man in the World'. Back to Lady Ryder's with Joan the nurse. To 'All Clear Show'.

Master Parade in afternoon. Heard that ten of us were posted to S/ OTU (Spits) but canceled. To dance at Westover, had a terrible time. Lady Ryder's in the afternoon.

Slept in, over to Radar's with Bob Black. In all night and sat up till New Year.

Sunday night
31 Dec 44
New Years Eve

Dear Pop:

Still alive and kicking and things are looking up. I was just posted yesterday morning, of course it was cancelled in the afternoon, anyway its getting closer.

Tell the nurse that I miss her little notes on the back of my mail, still no letters from any of you yet. I suppose I'll get one deluge of letters and have a devil of a time reading it all, I sure wish that it would hurry on though.

I've got rid of my cold, and I don't mind the weather at all (well not as much anyway). To-day was smart, bright, clear and sunny.

Tell that big brother of mine he still owes me twenty-eight bucks for fiddling with his car. I'm darn sure he hasn't paid me yet. Tell him to keep it until I get home. I guess if any cheques come for me you can put them in my bank account.

Ask Tim if Ken scared him when they went up together in the plane. I think Kenny might've been a little rough on the controls after flying Harvards.

I hope that in my next letter I can tell you that I've started flying, 'cause this sitting around here is sure getting me down. To think I haven't been here a month yet other fellows have been here since summertime.

Has any letter come from Ed Robinson? I haven't heard from him for quite a while.

Libs got the fifth letter, this is the sixth.

It's almost 1945 over here, and nobody seems to be excited at all.

Best I go to bed.

Hope to see you soon,
Son Ted (Pea/Ho)


his diary continues...

In bed till noon, letter from Kate, 1st from home. To show 'Abroad with Two Yanks'. In all night writing. Radar's in the afternoon.

On General Parade, nothing to do but two roll calls a day.

Took Joan Tripp to dance at Westover. She's never danced before.

Met Pat Woolrock at Lady Ryder's. Wow! She's some girl. Mustangs, Firefly and Spits shooting us up.

Saw Pat again. On Fire Watch at Royal Bath until midnight.

Ted in England
Ted in England
An English friend with Ted
An English friend with Ted

New Years Day 1945
approx. 10 P.M.

Kitty dear:

Your letter arrived to-day along with a couple from Alice and one from Ken. It's the first mail that I have received since before Christmas and the first letter that anyone in the family has written me. I thought I was forgotten, but it seems my letters must've been way laid some place.

To-day has really been exciting. I slept in until noon then went to a show 'Abroad with Two Yanks', to the recreation centre for afternoon tea and then in all night. This wild life is killing me. Last night I went to another show, then sat in the lounge until Big Ben boomed the New Year over the radio. I had a hard time keeping awake until twelve, the radio kept me from sleeping though. As I left the lounge for my room, one of the fellows woke up and wished me a 'Happy New Year'. I wished him the same then went off to bed.

On Sat. Night last we had a New Years dance. I couldn't find any babe for the night though, so the eats were the only good thing in the evening for me (Spam sandwich).

Tell Et to send me those pictures of me, if they turned out any good. I'd like to see them. The one with the white scarf.

How was Christmas dinner? And the holidays? Its not winter at all where I am. The puddles are frozen, and the frost makes the roads slippery, but no snow, and still looking like summer spoils everything.

I've been here almost a month now, and yet it seems ages since I left Canada. I guess when I get back home it will seem although I've never been away.

You'll never know what your letter meant to me today and there was lots of news in it.

Dicksons have a piano eh? Where the devil did they get it? And where are they putting it?

By the way, I'll need some blades for my Shick injector razor pretty soon, but not right away. You can't buy them over here at all.

No more from, so bye for now.

Love brother Ed (Pea/Ho)

Sunday Jan.7/45
Hello Pop:

Special war report from that ace news hound ('Pea/Ho'). Things going pretty good over here, I haven't had anything to do the past week but answer my name at roll, so I've been sort of wandering around and mingling with a few inhabitants of Bournemouth, so now its a little more like home , when I have a few friends who I visit.

To-morrow I start classes or something about naval affairs. I guess they figure I would make a good sailor if I should happen to get my discharge from the A/F. Kidding of course, the study is about ship recognition etc. etc.

I got Willy's parcel yesterday, and boy it sure is good to get at something to eat just before going to bed.

By the way, if you could send me any news about St. Andrews College or anything connected with it over to me. It would make Mrs. MacEntegart happy. Her son has been in Canada for five years and he is going to S.A.C. now.

I got a letter (two in fact) from Kate. It was good to hear from her.

Its Monday night now, the fellows I borrowed the pen from last night wanted it back so I never finished your letter.

I got your letter to-day along with the one from Ed Robinson. I heard that he was missing, is that true?

It sure sounds funny to hear you talk about snow, cause where I am here, it is still like summer (almost). At least its not anything like winter.

Well I got to Naval School to-day, and it seems to be quite an interesting course, its only two weeks long, and heck, I hope to be posted before then.

That was some Christmas present that Bill & Beth gave you. Kate was telling me about it.

I guess my mail is pretty slow, cause it seemed an awful long time until you answered my letters.

No more room.
So bye for now. Love,

Son Ted (still)(Pea/Ho)
I'm still a Pea/Ho but its over three months since I should've got my F/O, but when it does come, there'll be all that back pay.

Friday night
16 Jan 45

Dear Pop:

Well I got seven letters to-day but I went quite a while before they came.

By the way, that second card[?] must have been for Bill & Beth thanking them for the parcel they sent me. I guess its okay though.

I'm really right in the swing of things, and having a great time. The people I've met so far have been very nice and very kind. So its a great spot to be, but heck, I'd rather be on a station and start flying again.

Libs told me the name for the new baby to come. Boy, what a handle. I guess he'll get used to it, that is, if it is a he.

I'm back at Naval School again this week, and write the final test this coming Fri. Some of the lectures are very interesting, the ones about naval engagements of this war. But some of the other ones can put a person to sleep faster than any knockout pill the medical profession can produce.

From latest reports of all the snow you are getting over there, I bet you kinda wish you were in southern England with me. It is still quite mild here, and from all outward appearances, still looks like summer. I've seen kids playing in the sand on the beach bare footed, and a week ago, a fellow went in for a swim in the sea (he almost froze though). There was a newsreel the other night of the blizzard in Toronto, and it made me shiver to look at it.

If any parcels are in the process of embarkation a bottle of good shaving lotion would very much be appreciated, and a couple bars of face soap (pretty with perfume) could be stuck in to fill up the gaps.

I'm planning a big feast for the very near future. I've still got two cans of chicken that Bill sent me. So I'm going to make some Creamed Chicken and buy some pastry[?] shells for it. I've been bothering everyone around here how to make the cream and everyone I ask has a different recipe. Here's hoping for the best anyway.

Tell Dale that everyone here likes that pin picture of her. The one taken on the beach at Sundridge last summer.

Son Ted (Pea/Ho)

On Jan. 23 he moved to RAF station Milfield, Alnwick, Northumberland.

On Feb. 3, 1945 he first flew in a Typhoon.

Northumberland, England

He flew a Miles Master for an hour half before starting on the Typhoon.

RCAF F/L Charlie MacIntosh of Brampton was killed Feb.3 1945 in a crash at Momnmouthshire.

He had attended St. Andrews College as well.

Thursday night
25 Jan 45

Dear Kate:

I haven't received dad's parcel yet but I can hardly wait for it. I never been in such a cold place in all my life. Three days here and I haven't been warm yet. I wear flying boots and issued long underwear (first time in years and years), greatcoat, two pair of gloves etc. Etc., and the cold comes right through. Anyway its a flying station, and I'll be aviating pretty soon. Its the same kind of planes that Ted Bryans did his tour on. Remember, we were talking about them going out to Huttonville last summer.

The station is dispersed, so they issued us with bikes to get around on and boy you need one. Two miles to the mess, the hangars a way off down the road etc. Etc. I ought to be until April then I don't know what. Burma maybe.

There is almost enough snow for skiing here, and its snowing now, but no skis. Anyway if the weather stays like the last three days it would be too bloomin' cold to ski. They say its an exceptional winter though and it should break (I hope). By the way, the temperature just goes about ten above zero but gosh its worse than forty below back home and I'm not kidding.

I got your letter of the third and the ninth to-gether and it sure was [nice] to hear from you. I'm reading them over here now, its just as good as getting mail every day almost.

Too bad that we lost the wee dog, but if Dad's in the mood I figure that there will be another one by the time the next letter comes.

Well sister dear
It does appear
I've come to the end.
brother Ted , P/O still
RCAF overseas

#56 O.T.U. Milfield

This was built in 1941. During its five years as a training airfield 37 RCAF pilots are killed.

Sunday night
March 4th 45

Dear Kate:

Glad to hear about your job. I've been getting all the different versions of it from Libs, Et, Dad and Bill. At least I know for sure you are working.

Your letters seem to come at the opportune moment, when I'm not receiving any mail at all I can always expect to get one from you.

That's pretty bad about Charlie MacIntosh. I never heard anything about it until letters come from home. I kinda figured that everyone back in Canada learned of things happening over here long before I hear anything about them.

Only got one trip in to-day, just after I had finished a letter to Et. It was an air to air exercise. A fellow stooges along just off the coast towing a twenty foot strip of cloth at the end of a cable, and we pound away at it with two cannons. Its amazing how hard it is to hit the blasted things. You come in on the target between 250 to 300 mph. and you fire two hundred and forty bullets and then only get eight hits. One fellow got seventeen hits and that's very good. Most of the time no one ever hits the blasted thing. Its a heck of a lot of fun though. By the way, I've hit it every time, and that's something.

That white sweater in Dad's parcel was very much appreciated and also the undershirt. I wear the sweater at the mess all the time. I have an old blue one that I wear flying.

Rusty Fraser[?] in Ottawa has been sending me the Star Weekly. Boy, Terry and the Pirates is building up to something, with the Dragon Lady and everything[?].

The old mustache is really getting long. I haven't been trimming it at all and it hangs down to my lower lip, it won't grow sideways. I can twist the ends though and does it ever look queer. A real bowser.

The fellows have been calling me 'Boomer' lately, where they picked that up I don't know. It won't stick though cause they practically call me anything.

I've been here six weeks now and have another four to go, then I'll probably be sent right on Ops. My gosh, they don't fool on the continent either, they are really using bullets. A fellow could even get killed over there. Yipe!! What a thought.

I haven't heard from Ed Robinson lately, I hope the lad is okay. I hear Fent[?] Carroll[?] got it down in Italy? That's an awful place to be, in the army anyway.

If you can get Dad up in an airplane, I'll give you a dollar. Tom and I sort of have a contest on now, whoever gets Dad up in a plane first wins a buck from the other. So I'll include you in it. You sort of have an advantage over me, mainly a whole ocean.

I'm getting rid of the last cold I acquired, other than that I'm okay, pardon me, there is a slight cut on the third finger of my right hand, I caught it in the coop[?] top today.

Best I go now
Hope to see you all soon
love brother
Ed [----?]

Friday Night
March sixteenth 1945

Dear Kit;

Sorry, I lost your Toronto address so I'll let them forward it from home.

I had a pretty good forty eight last week in Manchester. That's near where Russ Crompton lives so he took me out and showed me what he could.

I received your parcel with the rubbers, jacket, pajamas etc., and boy are they smart. I sent you a cable from Manchester. I got the parcel first before I left on my 48. It seems to me I might have written you since I got it, but I'm in such a muddle I don't know who in heck I owe a letter to. I'm pretty safe in saying everyone.

The pajamas were most welcome, and really smart ones too. I was right down to my last pair (I had two pair to start with) and those I bought over here.

It sure is nice here now, even away in the north as I am, the buds are beginning to burst. I go around in shirt sleeves some times but it still turns cool at night. I've got my ------[?] going full blast now, you need it in [this]? Drafty old tin hut I'm living in, you [know]? The kind, probably seen lots of pictures of them.

Its lucky the winter is over, cau-------[?] not bad in there [sic] at all now.

How is thumper getting along? I ----[?] might name him after Tom, poor kid -----[?] how big he'll be when I get home. I ----[?] too huge.

This phase of the cou----[?] Both the flying and t---[?] Everything seems too interesting.

I got a letter to-day from a fellow in the army who just arrived over here. He signed it just J.K. and he wants me to write him. My gosh I don't know who he is, I'm really in a pickle 'cause he seems to know me quite well, but the J.K. has me stumped.

I still haven't played any bridge yet, no one seems to have the patience to teach me. All anyone plays is knock[?] rummy, eights or hearts. I'd like to get at the bridge though.

I sent Dad an ash tray made of stone from the Houses of Parliament. He should have it by now, I think. They are pretty slow getting over though. Thanks again for the parcel and for your letters, they're smart.

Bye, love Ted (Pea/Hoe)

He was at Milfield until Mar. 12 then to Brunton for a couple of weeks and then Dunsfold. By the end of March he had 114 hrs dual, 245 solo, 10 hrs. night solo, and 2 hrs. of solo instrument flying.

On April 3rd he ferried a Typhoon to 182 Squadron at Helmond, Holland, a one and a quarter hour flight.

On Apr.6 he climbed aboard an Anson and was flown to Goch to commence flying with 438 Squadron.

Ted's logbook
Ted's logbook

On April 4th 2 pilots of 438 squadron are killed when their flight of Typhoons was attacked by a dozen Me109s.

On Apr.6 he flew to the continent to join 438 squadron, 143 wing, 83rd Group, RAF 2nd TAF. Ted was one of seven replacements for 438 squadron including the return of a previous commanding officer, 29 year old Jack Rife Beirnes, DFC, from Edmonton, Alberta.

April 4/45
Wednesday afternoon

Dear Kit:

Boy, what a time I've been having this past week, lots of travelling. It was last Wednesday night that I left I.T.U.[?] and wended my way from the north country. I stopped over at Newcastle for six or so hours 'cause I didn't want to arrive in London late at night, 'cause that's bad business when you have to ----[?] place to stay. While in Newcastle I got my picture taken in a 'While U Wait'place. Have you seen it yet? I sent a print to Dad.

On Thursday I got into London and went on down to Bournemouth. Gosh the weather was great there, and a lot of people were in town (city) for the Easter weekend. I saw Bill McKillop again, it seems he's there for good.

Some friends of mine invited me to their place so I stayed for a couple of days. Went dancing, saw some shows, and went promenading along the beach.

The beach was really crowded. It looked like these pictures you see of Coney Island, with everything covered with canvas chairs, just not quite as many though. All the kids were out walking in the surf, and there were some people swimming.

I reported back to this station Sat. evening (just south of London). Then on Easter Sunday I started signing in and kitting myself out for the continent. There sure was a lot to do, and it kept me busy all Sunday & Monday.
Monday night they told me to take my helmet & parachute down to the field the next morning. So Tuesday morning down I went and found out they needed some planes at certain Squadron in Holland. Four of us flew over, fifth fellow didn't get off. We had some pretty rough weather, but it was lots of fun. Crossing the channel, through France, etc. etc. It was a great experience. That was yesterday.

Last night I stayed with the Squadron, they are living in a big Monastery, really smart. I wandered around a little, then an Anson came in and flew us all back this afternoon. I just arrived a couple of hours ago.

Now I've found that ---[?] posting has come in, so I have to get cleared[?] tomorrow, and go off to the continent again the day after.

Bill Dale and Johnny Marshall are near me here some place, but I haven't had a chance to look them up. In fact, when I do get any spare time I like to enjoy myself, so it seems I never get much done.

I need a bath and a shave now so best I go, bye now.

Love Ted (Pea/Hoe)
---- ------[?] yourself

When Ted joins the 438th it was flying out of airbase B.100 at Goch, just across the Dutch border in Germany and about 30 miles northwest of Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf was still in the hands German army Group B. However they were surrounded by American forces and the front line on Apr.6th was about 150 miles east at the Weser River.

Here are his logbook entries from when he joined the squadron. I've combined it with exerpts from 'The RCAF Overseas', a three volume account of the RCAF in World War II published by Oxford Press in 1949 and also with exerpts from the 438 Operational Record Book (ORB)

The 438 squadron code was F3. Typhoon K would have on the fuselage in large letters F3 K. LAC stands for Leading Aircraftman.

From the squadron's records: April 14, 1945

The squadron's streak of bad luck stayed with it today when F.O. G.S. Livingston, while in his circuit of the airdrome at approx. 3000 ft., suddenly flicked over and spun to the ground. The aircraft burned but it is certain that George would have been killed instantly when the aircraft first hit.

We were pleasantly surprised at supper time today when we found electric lights in all the tents. This will make tent life much more bearable.

April 8 Typhoon K. Dive bombing near Haselunne. Didn't have a clue. Bombed a wood.

April 10 Typhoon V. Bombed road junction. Bit better, no flak. No 2 to the wing C.O.

April 12 Auster 675. passenger Goch to Osnobruck. On Emms Wesser canal.

April 12 Auster 675. flew LAC Stuart & Lenard on sector recce. Sort of a shaky trip

April 13 Typhoon A. Rail cut and strafing Bremen/Hamburg Bags of flak. Buzz had to come back with a big hole in his wing.

April 13 Auster 638. flew F/L Buzzo, local flying. Checking Buzz.

April 14 Typhoon S. aircraft test. Livingstone spun in on circuit. Plane blew up.

April 15 Auster 638. flew LAC Stuart & Blimkie, aircraft test. Getting the feel of these things now.

from the ORB.: It was raining this morning and continued off and on all morning and most of the afternoon. Towards evening it cleared up. One dive bombing show was done which was led by Wing Commander, Operations. Bombs fell all around the bridge and the rails at both sides were cut but the bridge did not fall. Met. were strafed on the homeward trip with one destroyed and one damaged. The Wing Commander was quite enthusiastic about the whole mission.

April 15 Typhoon J. Rail cut west of Hamburg. Trying for a bridge but delayed fuse just spurted up the water. Little flak.

April 16 Typhoon A. Dive bomb Velzen with 440 sqdn. A red smoke job behind the bomb line. No flak.

April 16 Typhoon B. Armed recce west of Hamburg. Acted as fighter cover, lots of Huns around, saw none.

On the 16th the two squadrons obtained 68 rail cuts and destroyed upwards of 70 trucks, incidentally taking time out to satisfy an army request for the bombing of Velzen. Two casualties occurred at this time F/O J.G.S. Livingston on the 14th and F/O J.K. Brown who was last heard of as he reported that he was bailing out, being posted as missing.

April 17 Typhoon J. Rail cut south west of Hamburg. Got a cut, set a truck on fire & hits on two more. No flak.

April 17 Typhoon A. Dive bombed ship Hamburg estuary. Red T radio U/S, came back. No flak.

An unusual target was provided on the 17th. After attacking rails between Bremen and Hamburg the attention of the Tiffies was directed to some shipping on the Elbe. The Wildcats dive-bombed an anchored cargo ship and some oil storage tanks.

April 17 Auster 638 Osnabruck to Rhene. Down Emms Wesser canal.

April 17 Auster 638 Rhene to Osnabruck flew F/O Stewart & Brooker, almost got a deer.

April 18 Typhoon F. Dive bomb oil tanks and strafing On Hamburg estuary, (dummies) East of Strade blew a truck up & hit debris, got a house.

April 18 Typhoon Q. Rail cut and locomotive strafe s. of Strade Stopped train with bombs, some cars off then came in with 20mm. Good do.

April 19 Typhoon A. Dive bombed warship Jade Busen Lots of direct hits, Stew was well punctured, bags of flak.

April 19 Typhoon F. Aircraft test. A darn good do with 24 kites.

April 20 Typhoon G. Rail cut north west of Hamburg. Boss never got off so Stan flew my #2, direct hits.

April 20 Typhoon S. Osnabruck to Celle. Big mix up in circuit, rough time, landed in dark.

The squadron moved its base of operation to B.150 (Base 150) at Hustedt, Germany. The lists B.150 as being at Celle. Its actually north of Celle. The reason for this distinction is that Celle had an airbase as well, B.118.

The airbase is 15km from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. A numerous members of the squadron visited the camp. No information whether Ted did or didn't. If not, he surely would have heard of the horrors from the others. When it was liberated there were about 10,000 dead bodies lying unburied about the camp. Another 14,000 died in the next few days. Anne Franck died here the previous month.

April 21 Typhoon K. Dive bombed town of Achim. Red smoke job east of Bremen, strong point, rockets also.

The Army called for action again on the 21st and the two squadrons answered with an attack on Achim, east and south of Bremen, bombing the roads and causing confusion to enable the British to capture the town.

April 23 Typhoon A. Out for rail cut over Elbe. Ten tenths clouds, jettisoned bombs on Germany.

On the 23rd the Wildcats lost P/O T. Hartnett who was last seen entering a cloud over a wood, and was subsequently posted as killed.

April 23 Typhoon A. Dive bombed town of Bruttendorf another red smoke do, 14 kites, well clobbered.

April 24 Auster 638. Flew F/O Jones local flying over Celle checking Tom and what a trip. I hate others flying.

April 25 Typhoon S. D/B rails N.W. Hamburg

April 25 Typhoon B. A & E test

The Wildcats had the misfortune to lose another pilot on the 25th when F/O T.M. Jones crashed after his aircraft had been hit by flak.

April 26 Typhoon X. D/B rails N.E. Hamburg

The log book entry for the 26th was written in a different hand than the previous entries.

How map grids work

Europe was divided into ten zones. Ted flights were in the Nord du Guerre Zone. The N of N7803 is square RN, is a 100km a side square within square R which is 500km a side. This is Lat.53° 59' 27" N. Long.10° 26' 43" E . The S of S6465, properly named RS is the square directly south of RN. at Lat. 53° 39' 17" N Long. 10° 12' 48" E.
My source: echodelta.net
Here's the train attack at S6465: google map
Here's his final attack at N7803: google map

Here's lies an unknown English pilot

The Luftwaffe buried Uncle Ted in Gnissau. The grave was marked with a cross bearing the words, "Here lies an unknown English pilot. He died in action on 26.4.45" . In the summer of 1947 his remains were exhumed and reburied at the Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany. A cemetery maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves commission. His gravesite can be located by looking for - Panel Number: 10A. E.12

The last mission

On Thursday the 26th of April Uncle Ted climbed into Typhoon Mk. Ib, serial number RB429. Its fuselage carried the code F3-X. At 6:55am. he took off on his 18th mission along with 5 other Typhoons each carrying two 1000 lb. bombs with 11 sec. delay fusing under their wings. Visibility was poor that morning, five miles in haze, but would improve somewhat later. Ceiling was limited to 5500 feet by a 500 foot thick cloud layer. Two Typhoons turned back due to mechanical malfunctions; jettisoning their bombs before landing. The remaing four dive bombed a train (British military grid reference google map S. 6465) then they flew a low-level ground attack against a German motorized transport at Eutin (grid reference google map N.7803). The roads leading to the Baltic coast would have been crowded with retreating German troops and vehicles. Ted flew his attack very low. Too low; as the trees lining this road were unusually tall. The right wing of his Typhoon struck a tree and violently rolled over on its back. He couldn't regain control of his aircraft, nor could he bail out. At approximately 8:00am his aircraft crashed violently and in flames in a field southwest of Gnissau. The wreckage was scattered over a wide area. He died three weeks before his 21st birthday and two weeks before the end of the war.

In June Squadron Leader Beirnes was killed in a flying accident. He received a posthumous bar to his DFC. The award cites two missions in April 1945: ' S/L Beirnes led his squadron on a rail interdiction sortie which severely disrupted the enemy's lines of communication. On another occasion he led an attack on a light cruiser. His squadron scored six hits despite heavy opposition from anti-aircraft fire. The cruiser was set ablaze and was seen to be listing to port. This officer displayed coolness and courage throughout.'

438 squadron was disbanded in August.